Toddler vs Toilet

So, my Little and I have been going round and round about her using the toilet for several weeks now. She’ll be three in September, she understands how her body works, she understands how the toilet works, she even understands that she has outgrown the last size available for diapers and that she is a big girl with lots of new responsibilities, and yet she ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to use the toilet or her potty chair. It’s gotten to the point where she is now taking off when she has to pee and instead of using her potty she goes in the Twins’ room and uses their rug. SERIOUSLY. I even moved her potty chair into that room thinking she might want some more privacy since our bathroom is right off of the living room, but nope. She actually moved the potty chair out of the way to pee on the rug again.

I have no idea what to do or how to fix this. I mean on the one hand it’s kind of funny that she’s squatting down on the rug with conscious thought about it, but on the other it’s inappropriate and I need to deal with it in a constructive way. I don’t want using the toilet to become a fight, or a punishment. That is definitely not going to win me any favors later in her life… but even with the positive reinforcement of snacks or stickers, and other special treats she is simply not having it.

I wanted to wait until she was ready to start on her own, but with the Twins on the way it’s really important that I get her to use the toilet. It was even more important when we were going to enroll her in preschool, but we opted for a nanny right now because she’s been having some difficulty adjusting to the changes in preparation for the Twins. Her nightmares have finally subsided, but she’s still very clingy and insecure lately which is definitely not like my usually spunky outgoing Little. I’m not going to toss her into school right before the giant change of having two new siblings enter our home. Plus hiring a nanny works out a bit better financially than the school tuition we were looking at right now.

Although Hubs has cut back quite significantly on his cigarettes which has given us almost three hundred extra dollars a month. lol. He’s been working far less hours, and we’re still coming out a head. I knew if he cut back the strain on our finances would ease, but convincing an addict to control their addiction is next to impossible. Now that he sees it, he’s much more gung ho about trying to quite all together. I’m actually very proud of him. He’s cut back from two packs a day to one and a half packs a week. He does use one of those vape things to supplement his nicotine at the moment, but even that he’s slowly cutting back on. Twin pregnancies are MAGIC. MAGIC I TELL YOU. lol.

In other news, my Bestie from Seattle has been in town the past few days! Her Little just turned one in May, and they are home to celebrate with family. Watching my Little interact with her Little has been absolutely ADORABLE. Riding in the car yesterday they were talking back and forth like they were having the most in depth conversation ever. Her Little would babble and coo because he hasn’t learned very many words yet, and my Little would reply with a full sentence, and ask a question patiently waiting for an answer. They were holding hands for a while, and when we got to the store they were “shopping” together. Pointing at things, and trying to grab things off of the shelf. lol. It’s encouraging to see my Little interact with younger kids so well, but at this point non of the younger kids she’s encountered have spent the night or been demanding my attention.

I think she’ll be okay… as long as she doesn’t keep spitefully peeing on their rug anyway…

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  1. I used a sticker chart with my daughter and it worked great. Hung up a chart and every time she did good she got a sticker every accident she lost a sticker. She was enthralled with stickers back then so it didn’t take long at all for her to get potty trained.

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  2. Four kids later, all grown. Nobody started kindergarten in diapers. All were different. Boy almost 4!!!! bed-wetter until 13yrs. Girl 2 fully trained never an accident. Girl 15 months fully trained never an accident. Girl 3 pee trained no accidents. Absolutely toilet phobic. Wouldn’t poop on any toilet except at home until she was almost 7. Who the eff knows?!! We’re all weird and funny creatures. My ‘old’ mommy advice: Ease up. Try again in 3 months. She won’t be little forever. ❤

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