Goodbye Nowheresville!

If I could jump I would be jumping up and down for joy right now. Hubs and I started looking at the local housing market for a bigger house. Our brood will fit in our current house for about a year after the Twins arrive, but we’ll be needing a bigger space sooner rather than later, and Hubs is very meticulous and slow when it comes to major life changes. lol. We don’t plan on moving anytime before the Twins arrive or immediately after, and yet I am still super excited because: WE GET TO MOVE TO THE SUBURBS.

Yes, Hubs has finally consented to leave his beloved Nowheresville, if only because the housing costs for our family in Nowheresville is almost DOUBLE what the same size property is closer to the city. He didn’t believe me until we sat down and actually looked at properties yesterday. Now that he has seen the difference in costs he has begrudgingly agreed to move into civilization. TOP SCORE. It only took me nearly five years of marriage and three children to convince him. It’s true the taxes are a bit higher, but the cost of living is pretty much the same, plus right now we’re paying all of our property taxes out of pocket since we out right own our current home, and upon moving we’ll be taking out a mortgage. It will basically even itself out, if not be a hair less expensive since I won’t have to drive ages to get to the store. Hubs will have to commute to work, but between his bike and our super efficient little car even that won’t truly affect us in the long run.

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relieved. I mean I was content to stay in Nowheresville as long as we didn’t have to move out to a farm which was Hubs’ original goal, but now that we get to move back into the city? I feel like I can figuratively breathe again!

In addition to being able to figuratively breathe, I can also LITERALLY breathe much better now that my meds have kicked in. I have like ten times more energy than I usually do, my anxiety has all but disappeared, and getting in my workouts has been SO MUCH EASIER. Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if I haven’t struggled with breathing issues for a really long time and they just went unnoticed, or undiagnosed due to all of my other allergies and ailments as a child. Most of my random what I thought were panic attacks centered around the fact that I wasn’t able to breathe, all of this time they very well could have been asthma attacks. We’ll see, but right now I feel a billion times better, aside from the usual discomforts of pregnancy anyway.

Also…. Today is my third WordPress Blogiversary! It’s a little hard to believe I’ve been WordPressing for three years. Although I guess when you take a good portion of a year off time does tend to march along with out you. lol.


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