Love and Hate


Baffled Baboon has challenged me to participate in the Love/Hate blogging challenge! So many challenges going around this week! But I have to say I’m pretty thankful because I really didn’t have much to write about. lol. Participating in these challenges will keep the word juices flowing until something blog worthy actually happens around here.  I have to write about 10 things I love, 10 things I hate and nominate 10 bloggers.

Things I Love

1. Baby burbles. The most adorable little coos, goos, and other random noises little people make before they learn how to communicate with language are the absolute most adorable sounds ever to grace my ears. If I could just sit and listen to little newborns burble all day I totally would.
2. Weight lifting, Brah! But seriously, I never in a million years would have thought that something so simple could bring me so much joy. I’m actually starting to wander away from CrossFit  into more of the strength and lifting side of things. I can throw weight around like no body’s business, but endurance and cardio aren’t exactly my strong points. lol. I do love CrossFit as a whole, but the lifts have forever won my heart.
3. Being a mom. Even though there are days where I want to run away and hide, especially if my Little is in a mood, I really enjoy motherhood completely. It just feels like it was something I was always meant to do. It’s something that I’ve always WANTED to do, but sometimes what we want to do and what we’re actually meant to do are completely different things. I’m lucky enough to have wandered into my roll as a mommy and actually enjoy it too.
4. Blogging! I’m not entirely sure why, but something is distinctly different about being an author of a book, and sitting down and writing a blog. Even with out a vast ever present audience, I really enjoy it. I think it’s something I’ll always do, even if the popularity wanes, or my audience disappears.
5. Learning. They say, curiosity killed the cat, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting into things I really shouldn’t in pursuit of knowledge. I just have a very real hunger to learn and understand the world, even if it means entertaining the most wacky off the wall scenarios in the process.
6. Teaching. An extension of sorts in regards to number 5, I also love sharing my knowledge in an easy to understand and applicable way. Of course, I tend to be a bit over zealous sometimes, especially when it’s a subject I’m fiercely passionate about. I tend to come off as an arrogant know it all, but I really do have the best intentions.
7. Painting. It’s one of my hobbies that I rarely participate in these days with my Little running around, and I tend to have to switch over into a highly emotional state before I have any real inspiration, but painting was one of my first art forms and I really need to get back into it. Maybe it’s something I can do with the Little after the Twins are born for her special time?
8. Being outdoors. Recently the outdoors have tried to kill me with whatever this lung thing that won’t go away is. I can’t be outside for more than a few moments at a time before my lungs start acting up, but I would much rather be outside soaking in a pool or at the beach, than inside on the couch in front of the TV.
9. Housework. I complain just as much as the next stay at home parent, but I actually really do enjoy the housework. It keeps me focused on the present instead of letting my mind wander all over the place building my anxiety, and it gives me a daily goal to aspire to. I don’t do very well with long term thinking so having a daily goal instead of a weekly goal is nice. There are certain chores that I only do weekly, or a few days a week, to keep the work load at a steady pace, but it all gets done eventually.
10. My family. Yes they’re last on the list, but I wasn’t going to put them on here at all honestly. lol. Not because I don’t love them, but I think it goes with out saying. My Hubs and my Little are the best things that have happened to me, even though they both get on my nerves, I really wouldn’t be where I am today with out them.

Things I Hate

See now this one is a bit more difficult, because there aren’t very many things I truly hate. Part of the curiosity thing I mentioned above. I’m generally able to see both sides of an argument, even if I don’t always agree with the points being argued. I’m a mediator, and rather impartial on most things. Sooooooo… this is actually just a list of things that annoy me. lol.

1. People who refuse to accept responsibility for their choices/actions. If you make a mistake, like all humans do, own up to it and try to do better next time. The “whiny, blame everyone but myself, lawsuit at the drop of a hat, everything that offends me should be stopped immediately” mentality drives me up the damn wall.
2. Liars. The truth always comes out, no matter how far or how well you can spin your web of lies. Don’t waste your time, and the time of others. Just be honest from the get go and things will work out a lot more smoothly in the end. Plus, honesty earns respect and trust. Lies do just the opposite.
3. Politics/Politicians. Mostly because they all, and I do mean ALL of them, fit into the above two categories of people. It’s simply a matter of how the human psyche works. There are no “good” politicians, just those who find a niche the public agrees with more than others, or those who align with your personal beliefs more than others. Well… let me rephrase that a little bit. There are no good high level politicians. Many on a local level with no intentions of going any further are still genuinely good people with good intentions, once you get past the Mayor’s office it’s all corrupt and down hill from there.
4. People who treat their children like less than human beings. This category has two sub categories. The people who demand their children behave instantly like little adults the moment they are old enough to speak, and those who have children simply as a fashion accessory, or because it’s the cool trendy thing to do. This could turn into an entire blog rant in itself right here… so I’ll just leave it up to your imagination as to why I severely dislike these people. lol.
5. Rude service employees. I know the service industry sucks, I worked in it myself for many years, but even if you’re having a crappy day I’m going to do my best to be polite and civil to you, and I expect the same in return. The quickest way to make a crappy service day worse, is to attempt to take it out on customers. Trust me. lol.
6. People with zero respect for boundaries. This is physical boundaries, like my yard, personal space, car, etc. and emotional boundaries. If I say I don’t want to talk about something, don’t keep talking about it. If I say I don’t want to argue about something, don’t try to get in the last word, if I say: Hey, leave me alone. LISTEN TO ME. I know my temper, I know my limits, and I do my very best to inform others before I explode in an all out rage fest. I’ll admit sometimes I’m guilty of this myself, but it’s mostly because I don’t pick up on social cues, not because I’m intentionally trying to violate someone’s boundaries. Those who know, and chose to do so anyway, are the people I can’t stand.
7. Double standards. I think it’s important that we recognize the diversity of the human race. Each person faces different challenges in life for an innumerable amount of reasons, BUT I also believe that performance standards for jobs, especially high risk jobs that involve other people, like the medical, law enforcement, and military jobs need to have stringent and nearly impossible standards to meet. There shouldn’t be special accommodations made for those who are simply not cut out to perform at the regular standards. That’s not discrimination, that guarantees the quality of the applicants and professionals who fill those important rolls. People seem to have forgotten that somewhere along the way. (Also, let me just remind everyone that I have a clinically defined and diagnosed mental illness, which puts me into the category of those who will never live up to medical, or military standards.)
8. People who perpetuate stereotypes.  We all know at least one person who lives up to any number of stereotypes, yet consistently whines and complains about how others judge them. Not the tongue in cheek, jovial people who are able to laugh at, and humorously play up the stereotype, but those who are deeply offended, yet clueless towards the results of their own behaviors.
9. Buying womens clothing. I don’t know if it’s some giant industry conspiracy, or just the fact that I have an unusual body shape, but it is nearly impossible to find clothing that fits well off the rack. Jeans are impossible, fitted shirts are a joke, even tee shirts are getting harder and harder to find. Athletic wear fits like a dream, which is AWESOME since it’s pretty much all I wear anyway, but for those nights out on the town with Hubs, trying to find something becomes a seemingly impossible task.
10. Gossip. Much like liars, people who gossip for the sake of gossip are just plain annoying. Everyone has opinions about others, and a lot of the time those opinions come up and are shared, BUT talking to someone just to get the latest tid bit of information to spread around town? Nope.

Bloggers I Challenge

Anyone who wishes to participate! It’s slightly a cop out, I know, but I’m still getting to know my newest batch of followers/followees so I don’t like to single people out. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Love and Hate

  1. Laurie would be saying “Preach it, sister!” to #9 on your hate list. Me, I say it to #4 on the hate list. But I have to say on #3: “…from the mayor on up”? You have a mayor you can EXCLUDE from that? Wow. God knows we sure don’t with “King Tom”.

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  2. I guess that depends on he size of the town. I really like our mayor, but I also run into him a lot around town lol.


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