Grocery Roulette 

It’s summer here in good ol’ Nowheresville and that means until the weather drops below 40F, every week is a daring game of Grocery Roulette. What fresh and/or cold foods will make it home unspoiled?? No body knows!! 

I did finally invest in some insulated reusable bags, and start lugging a cooler around on grocery days which has helped a lot, but it’s still a gamble with traffic, farm equipment, road construction and general summer shenanigans lengthening our usual 30min drive to anywhere up towards an hour. Yep.. A thirty minute drive to the grocery store, every week on good weeks when we either get up really early, or go out really late in the evening. 

There are grocery stores in Nowheresville, but none of them carry the organic produce I prefer, and honestly I get fed up with people being rude to me when I shop in town. That’s another rant for another day lol. 

In other news, I’m sick AGAIN. Same sinus infection, respiratory crap that’s been plaguing me for the last four months. The Little keeps picking it up from somewhere, and then it goes through the rest of the family. Hubs is starting to come down with it this morning. I don’t even know what else to try anymore. I am so incredibly frustrated!!

I’m taking my vitamins, I’ve boosted my citrus, and green veggie intake, I’ve tried honey and lemon, even pregnancy safe OTC drugs aren’t helping. Right now, I suppose I just have to accept the fact my immune system is non-existent, and hide in a bubble until the Twins arrive. lol. On the plus side: the Twins should be super healthy with all of these antibodies built up in my milk. If I can survive theRespiratory Infection of Doom part 3 anyway. 

Yes… I am still kicking myself for complaining about my “easy” pregnancy. Lol. 

One thought on “Grocery Roulette 

  1. And the twins are down there saying, “Yeah, and wait till we’re old enough to teethe and get earaches!”


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