Stay Classy Indy

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the viral video of the two women fighting in the shampoo aisle of a Walmart (which I don’t have the link for because my phone refuses to copy/paste it), or at least heard of the fiasco. I’ve been to that town, it’s a suburb of Indianapolis, which looks really nice just driving through it. Looks can apparently be deceiving… 

Do you know what’s even more depressing about this story? I didn’t see it on the local news (by local I mean the entire Central/Southern chunk of the state. #smallstateperks) no I saw it on FB shared by friends and family across the country. Way to represent Hoosiers there Walmart Brawlers.  In all honesty it isn’t the ignorant two involved in the fight that irritate me so much as the rest of the crowd standing around filming the whole thing. Um… Hello?! Let’s all just stand here and watch these women makes fools of themselves in front of this child, because that’s how a healthy moral society is supposed to function.

Now I can understand not wanting to get involved for any number of reasons, but let’s be real here: it was a fist fight. They were fighting with shampoo. If either one of them had possessed another weapon of any kind, they would have brandished it at the beginning. I can even understand those who would have walked on by choosing not to become involved, but having an entire crowd mesmerized by random acts of ignorant violence do nothing?? NOTHING? 

That’s the truly scary part of the entire ordeal. People viewing it seem to be spouting off against such behavior, but not one person in that crowd felt the need to speak up aside from chastising the boy for following his mother’s example? I mean what?! Are we serious right now?? 

5 thoughts on “Stay Classy Indy

  1. I haven’t seen it… I took off Facebook. But everything now a days is about how many likes it can get. People are losing their sense of morality and compassion. It truly is dad. I hope this fad goes away soon!

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  2. Yeah that video was stupid, how a whole store just let that go makes no sense and what is up with the kid! Some obvious fine parenting in his life!


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