This seems an odd problem to be complaining about during pregnancy, but… I’m losing weight. Even after beefing up my diet with reintroducing whole dairy, grains, and everything else I’d been excluding during my weight management. Even after cutting my five days at the gym down to two or three depending on how I’m feeling, and scaling the workouts relentlessly while I’m there. I’ve pretty much excluded all cardio, focusing on maintaining my strength as much as possible and still… LOSING WEIGHT. 

Because I’m just now coming out of the first trimester and I had a horrible time with other illnesses in addition to the hormones and morning sickness it’s not entirely shocking, but my appetite still hasn’t returned. In fact, I have to force food down at most meals, and remind myself constantly to eat through out the day. My doctor isn’t too concerned just yet, but if I still haven’t gained anything or lost more by my next appointment we’re going to have to investigate. The most frustrating part about all of this is people who give me that look.

You know, the: “stop worrying about gaining weight, you’re pregnant” look? The “you’re obsessed with your weight that’s why you REALLY want to keep working out” look? The “you’re eating for three! You HAVE to be more hungry than that!” look? Yeah… no. None of those things apply in my situation. I immediately stopped all of my weight management the moment the little line on the pregnancy test turned blue. Plus, weight management is a nice bonus of working out, but really not my  main motivation as hard as that is for people to understand and accept. It’s never been my soul motivation, people of the world! I’ll say it now, and I’ll keep saying it as long as people keep lecturing me on it.

Especially since I gained the exact recommended weight with my first pregnancy, and it fell right off until the stress of new motherhood and trying to maintain my milk supply packed it all back on. Post Pregnancy Body does not concern me in the least.  I’m young, I’m healthy, I’m aware of balanced nutrition, really guys. It’s okay. Everyone else seems to be worried about my post pregnancy body, but I’m just excited about bringing two new Littles into my life. The rest of that stuff is irrelevant to me. I will get my pre pregnancy body back. A little bit wider, a little bit more sag around the middle, but I’m really not worried about it.

The only thing I AM worried about is gaining enough weight to maintain a healthy pregnancy as long as possible with the Twins. Even if I have to cart around a cooler of smoothies with my bucket of water everywhere I go, dammit.