Freeze and Fight

There are three primary responses to great stress and fear. Fight, flight, and freeze. I’m a balls to the wall fight response, (Shocking, I know lol) and dear Hubs of mine is the epitome of freeze. The excitement of both surviving babies has begun to wane, and now the panic is setting in. Lol.

I’m all: action! Work, all the hours! Save, all the money! Buy all the baby things! Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Hubs is: sleep all the sleep! Hide from all the things! Cut back all the hours! Spend all the money on frivolous fun things! Ignore, procrastinate, forget. 

Our differences are what make us a healthy couple, but in times like these where we’re racing against the clock to have everything ready, I pretty much want to cry. Lol. This time I understand what Hubs is doing so it’s not as scary and stressful as it was with our first Little, but it’s still a bit worrisome. 

Although, I mean let’s be honest here: I’m pregnant. Everything about preparation is going to bother me in some fashion until my babies are safe in my arms. Lol. 

Babies!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Two new Little’s to snuggle in just a few short months. Four teeny little feet to tickle, two little noses to “boop”, four little hands to hold… So okay, the excitement hasn’t waned much for me, but after seeing the babies on the ultrasound yesterday Hubs is having some trouble processing. Can’t exactly be mad at him for that. Lol. 

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