We Have Names!

When I was pregnant with our first Little, Hubs and I went round and round arguing about names. Thankfully she was stubborn as sin and we didn’t find out her gender until right around 24 weeks, giving us plenty of time to debate, and change our minds eight hundred times.

With our second pregnancy, the one I lost back in December, it was easier. We actually had a few favorites picked out, but after the devastating news and eventual end to the pregnancy we decided to retire the names we had picked out of respect for the loss. This time around we started completely from scratch!

I don’t normally use Hubs’ or the Little’s name here but in this case I’m going to make an exception, especially since we still have quite a way to go before finding out the genders of the twins. We’ve settled on Eli and Ephraim for two boys, Lucille and Vivian for two girls, and Eli and Lucille for boy/girl. I am *SQUEE* with delight at every single one of the names and I can’t wait to find out the genders.

Ephraim is especially important to me. I’ve been holding on to that name since my very first brush with motherhood, and every single dream I’ve had about becoming a mother of twins has included a little tow headed boy named Ephraim. If it were completely up to me, I’d choose Ephraim over Eli in the boy/girl scenario but Hubs is NOT a fan of Ephraim at all. He’s never liked it, but has half heartedly consented to it because it’s so important to me. Since he compromised with the boy/boy, I decided to compromise with the boy/girl and go with Eli instead.

I’m REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY hoping for two boys, and my womanly intuition says there’s at least one boy in there, but with this being my last pregnancy I’m really rooting for all boys. Not only so I can have my Ephraim, but because Hubs is the last in our line of Hales. We need a boy to carry on the Hale lineage! Well to traditionally carry on the lineage anyway. I’ve always told him that our Little is fiercely independent, and we try to be fairly open minded. For all we know she could make a man take her last name. Lol. Or never get married and keep her name, or any number of possibilities.

It would be nice though, plus then we’d win the favor of all the grandparents being the only offspring to carry on the name. Which seems trivial and pointless (to me it is) but in Hubs’ highly competitive, passive aggressive family it means a lot. No matter what combination we might end up with, I’m really starting to get excited. Like not panicky nervous excited, but genuinely excited to welcome these new little people into our lives.

Plus, I’ve always wanted a whole gaggle of kids, but Hubs was content with one or two. To end up with three no matter what their genders is amazing! I never thought I’d see the day.

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