So a few weeks ago I got a notification from Twitter. You know one of those: “hey so and so is now on Twitter come follow them!” notifications. At first I was confused as to how it ended up in my notifications in the first place since I’ve specifically cut all ties with this particular individual/individuals forever ago, going so far as to actually delete all of my contact info, buy a new phone with a new number, and start my public cyber life from scratch. Then I realized that while I didn’t have any of their information for some reason they had mine stored somewhere on a phone or computer thus the accidental notification. I’m eight thousand and ten percent sure it was an accident, mostly because it could get them in whole heaps of trouble. 

I’m not even really concerned with how they got my contact info because what they have is my business addresses. All of that’s public. They still had to go looking for it, but didn’t break any laws to get it. They annoying part is the fact that the notification seems to be stuck in limbo since I immediately went to block the account. It’s just sitting there every time I log in and nothing I’ve tried has gotten rid of it. With all of my other emotional shenanigans lately the absolute last thing I need is a glaring reminder of people who have been a thorn in my side for years, even though I know it wasn’t sent with malicious intent.

So yeah. That’s frustrating. Plus my Little has started having nightmares again and I’ve been up every day from 4:30a until about 7:30a trying desperately to comfort her. She is severely upset, but can’t communicate why she’s upset aside from having a bad dream. Nothing in our schedule has changed, nothing in her diet has changed, in fact things have been really peaceful and awesome around here lately. I can’t figure it out, which makes me feel awful. I hate seeing her upset, especially in the middle of the night, but until she’s able to tell me exactly what’s happening all I can do is give her lots of snuggles. 

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  1. I swear this social media technology will be the death of me with all of these accidental connections and phantom notifications. Lol.

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