So This is Adulthood 

The weekend was pretty much amazing. The weather was warm but not overwhelming, Hubs fired up the grill every evening giving me a break from dinner prep, we found all the baby furniture for the Twins’ room, got a super sweet deal on layaway (easy payments and no baby stuff cluttering up my house until we need it! *fist pump*) and the icing on the cake: Hubs helped me clean up the kitchen, wash, dry, and put away all the dishes. \o/ 

Those were the highlights of my personal weekend. Hubs finally got his motorcycle up and running so he spent a good deal of the afternoons tooling around by himself or with Bro and Sis in Law while the Little and I took our naps. Hubs is ever so much more relaxed now that he has a hobby to keep him occupied which doesn’t really interfere with our weekend family time. He has other hobbies, but all are very time consuming taking up entire weekends at a time instead of a few hours out of the day. I’ve always tried to encourage him to pursue them anyway, but he always feels guilty when he doesn’t get to see us during the weekends. Especially now that the Little is all about her Daddy Time.

My Little also had some very exciting events this weekend. She’s finally learned how to peddle her tricycle, she’s fallen in love with playing outside, and she learned how to fly a kite! She also discovered Bumble Bees, which lead to a hilarious conversation before bedtime Saturday evening. We were all piled into our bedroom as part of our weekend bedtime ritual. Hubs takes over bedtime duty on the weekends so I was reading on the bed and he was getting our Little ready, helping her with her pajamas and getting her nighttime diaper ready. She was asking all sorts of questions about bumble bees. Where do they live, what do they eat, etc. Hubs was answering all her questions accordingly, until she looked at him with the most concerned and serious expression and asked: “Daddy, are their bumble bees in my BUTT CHICKENS?!”

 We tried not to laugh, because she was obviously concerned but really couldn’t help ourselves. I still have no idea what a “butt chicken” is or where she heard that phrase (or if she invented the entire thing on her own lol) but she seemed to be satisfied that there were no bumble bees to be found.


As Hubs was heading off to work this morning and our long weekend has officially ended it hit me. This is adulthood. These little moments we had through out the weekend is what I’ve been striving for. Life doesn’t get much better than this. I have a healthy, happy kid, a stable relationship, reasonable financial security, and goals to work toward in between kids and Hubs. It’s a little weird to think I’ve accomplished my biggest main goal for the Life of Kelli. Lol. But, I guess that’s the reason for human existence in the first place.

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