Pregnancy Is Gross

Now with all of my struggles to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy I really try not to complain, but let’s be real here. Can I just take a moment and say that pregnancy is gross? Not the actual act of another human being(s) growing inside of me, that part is pretty cool, but all of the other changes my body goes through to facilitate this? Erm… no. Not so much.

They say every pregnancy is different,  maybe with my first Little I was so excited/nervous that I simply didn’t notice all of these other these other annoyances. Or maybe it’s because I have a double dose of hormones this time around but honestly… ew. Just ew. lol.  My skin is all scaly and oily, no matter how many times I shower I wreak of human sweat smell, which is like ten times more pungent than it usually is even in the hottest season, after the most brutal workout. Even sitting at home on the couch doing  nothing I will sweat and stink. Hormones are literally oozing out of my pores 24hrs a day.

I can’t seem to stay hydrated no matter how hard I try to squeak in my recommended GALLON of water daily, which makes me bloated and uncomfortable. I’ve already got super pasty white as a sheet skin, most of my veins are always visible but now with my increasing blood volume there are giant purple lines streaking down my legs that I didn’t even know existed before this pregnancy. Everything is WORKING, which is why my veins have decided to take on a life of their own, but again: ew. Not to mention the fact that my leg hair is also growing about a million times faster than it normally does. I can still bend over to shave right now, and I’m still having trouble keeping up. By the time my bump gets in the way I will have sasquatch legs within two weeks. I’m not worried so much about beauty standards, I just like my legs smooth. Hair is itchy, nobby, and pulls funny on your clothes. EW.

But, I suppose all of my major disgusting pregnancy issues do come in handy while I have to abstain from intimacy with my husband. Yeah, thanks a lot subchorionic hemorrhage. Hopefully we’ll get the all clear from the doctor at my next appointment, or my second trimester is going to be even worse than the first. lol. It’s a miracle the human race has survived as long as it has folks. It really is.

8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Is Gross

  1. Legend has it that Adam, when given the choice which one got the uterus, said the same thing. “I mean, after all, I have to name the animals, pick the fruit… ummm… Did I mention naming the animals?”


  2. My other half wants to have kids but I’m not too keen on the whole pregnancy and raising children thing. I’m not looking forward to all the different changes to my body that’s going to happen during and after pregnancy and I don’t even think that I would make a good mother =/

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  3. Having a kid is a super life changing decision, and pregnancy does do weird uncomfortable things to your body, but I don’t regret it even for a second. Motherhood isn’t for everyone though. If it’s something you really don’t want to do, I wouldn’t stress over it. 🙂

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  4. Usually the women worried about whether or not they’ll be good mothers turn out to be the best. It’s the ones full of confidence that find themselves in trouble. 🙂

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  5. See? Nothing to worry about! If it helps, after my daughter was born my body was actually better and more proportionate than before pregnancy. Plus the stretch marks fade, and you’re so busy loving the new little person in your life none of that other stuff matters.

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