Wednesday Woes

Here we are yet again Wednesday on the edge of our seats at The House of Hale. It just so happens that Wednesday is the day my twins reach their pregnancy milestones, and every Wednesday since we’ve found out about them something crazy has happened. Today is no exception. 

Woke up getting ready to head out to the gym for the day and discovered I was bleeding again, not new fresh blood, but old disgusting blood that scared me to death. I Googled everything I could waiting for the doctor’s office to open, and it basically boiled down to the same thing every other medical condition on the internet does: it could be nothing, or it could be a dangerous infection!! 

So I called the doctors office and had some trouble conveying to the nurse it was more than spotting. If it had been spotting I wouldn’t have been concerned with it since that’s normal with my subchorionic hemorrhage, but she insisted not to worry about it unless I started cramping or it was red fresh blood again. So here we are, waiting extremely impatiently to see what my body decides to do over the next few hours. 

These kids, I swear, they are already testing my patience and they haven’t even left the womb yet! Lol. On a better note depending on which way this day goes, we’ve reached 10 weeks! Since I was seen at 8 and 9 weeks for ultrasounds my next one isn’t until 12 weeks, but the risk of spontaneous miscarriage drops significantly this week. I’m still at a higher risk with the subchorionic hemorrhage, but any drop in percentage is comforting even if it is minimal at best. 

These Littles are strong, and fiercely determined to hang in there. If I could just get my uterus to cooperate…

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  1. So true. The info I’m getting isn’t from WebMD though, it’s a lot of different sites and the WHO, and OBGYN sites. Basically there’s nothing that can be done to treat it so I’m just supposed to pretend it’s not happening. Lol. I get it from a scientific medical standpoint but it really doesn’t ease my anxiety any waiting for potential impending doom, y’know?

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