Pregnancy dreams need their own classification. I mean dreams are always nonsensical, but pregnancy dreams take the cake. I had the most unusual dream last night and when I woke up it left me in an emotional funk. It wasn’t particularly BAD, or scary but it was so complicated and intense. Besides being complicated and intense it continued through out the night even after I was rousted a few times from deep sleep. It’s too convoluted to share here, but it was certainly something. lol.

In other news, they just released a report this morning apparently the school I was attending is in trouble with the State Board of Education for a whole host of enrollment problems. Everything is suspended and all of the programs are under review. I’m relieved it wasn’t just me who has been having problems, and insanely frustrated that I might have to completely start over at a different school. Not that I really got too much done in my two semesters, it’s mostly been general studies with a smattering of basic psych thrown in, but STILL. At least I was moving FORWARD however slowly, now I feel like I was kind of spinning my wheels for nothing. At least I was able to drop my summer classes before this entire fiasco began, and again didn’t yet break into my loans so I don’t owe anything. Kind of dodged a bullet with that one!

I was planning on finishing out my degree at a different school anyway once I got past all of the general studies, it was just easier to go through my school because it was closer to home and they don’t have that weird freshmen have to live on campus rule. That’s really the only reason I didn’t just enroll in the school I plan on receiving my degree from. I can’t live on campus I have a house and a family. A house and a soon to be LARGE family. I’m not uprooting them to live on campus lol. I guess we’ll have to see what happens after the twins arrive.