Why I Choose to Stay Active In High Risk Pregnancy

So, I’ve decided to continue my normal workout routine despite these new complications of my pregnancy. Just about everyone aside from my doctor has told me this is a horrible idea and I’m putting my babies at risk for no good reason.  Actually, quite the opposite is true. While my subchorionic hemorrhage does add a challenge to my already high risk twin pregnancy, the fact of the matter is this: there is absolutely no way to treat it. There was no way to prevent it, and the outcome is completely out of my control. Even if I were confined to bedrest the outcome would be the same. If my uterus can’t support the pregnancy I am going to miscarry or prematurely deliver. There is unfortunately no way around it.

However, as long as my doctor has given me the green light to continue with my normal activities, being active and continuing my usual workouts DECREASES the risk of other potential complications such as gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia, and relieves a lot of the normal aches and pains of pregnancy. Call me crazy, but if something decreases the risk of several other complications WITHOUT increasing the risk to the babies due to one complication why wouldn’t I keep doing what I’m doing?

I mean, I am scaling quite substantially while I’m working out, and while I’m continuing to lift I’ve decreased my usual weight significantly as well. Yes, I still throw around 50-60lbs, BUT when I’ve gone from 80-100lbs back down to 50-60 lbs that’s perfectly reasonable. Even my doctor said he couldn’t give me a weight limit to shoot for because I’ve been lifting five days a week for over a year. He did tell me to be aware that my joints will be more flexible, prone to injury, and my core wouldn’t be as strong as it has been but he left the specifics completely up to me, and encouraged me to continue as long as I possibly can.

I do understand that bedrest is more than likely in my future with this pregnancy, and when that time comes I will gladly comply. I’m also aware of all the wonderful benefits of a fit pregnancy, with two new babies and a toddler to tend to I’ll need the quickest recovery possible. That is for sure!

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  1. I would say if your doctor is cool with it then get your groove on. If it keeps your mind at ease and makes momma happy then that’s less stress on you and that can only help!

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