Insensitive, or Common Sense?

Today I ran across an article explaining how a nursing student has decided to sue her university for failing to accommodate her anxiety and depression thus she claims is the reason she failed their nursing course twice. Guys, as someone with a mental condition that prevents me from doing certain things, even things I really enjoy doing or have an immense passion for, I call shenanigans.

I do believe it’s important to make accommodations for certain mental health criteria, but I’m going to be blunt here: if you can’t handle the stress of nursing school, you certainly can’t handle the stress of actually BEING a nurse. No amount of accommodation for your condition is going to change that. I’m sorry that for whatever reason her dreams have failed to come true, but no. That’s how life works.

You give it your best shot, if you fail you try again, if you continue to fail it’s time to reevaluate your goals. As I said above my condition prevents me from doing certain things that I used to enjoy very much. Even my career choices have changed many times due to my condition. Does this make me any less of a person, any less of a success? Nooooooo… it just means that in my journey toward recovery I take my own self care seriously. I don’t blame others for my inability to complete tasks, I accept my limitations and move forward. 

Does that mean that I never get angry, upset or frustrated? Oh, no. lol. Loyal followers of this blog will know for certain there are days when I want to Hulk Smash life in the face due to my limitations, but even in all of my whining and complaining I’ve never, not once, abandon things that were important to me. I don’t, however, call the lawyer and sue everyone who gives me a taste of reality.

I feel for this student, I really do, because mental health issues are often ignored and swept under the rug but there is a distinct difference in advocation and pursing your cause vs throwing a legal hissy fit when you don’t get your way. Of course I don’t actually know this young woman and all I have seen are the news stories smattered through out the sensational untrustworthy media. Perhaps her heart was in the right place before her story became the next big thing. Unfortunately, we’ll never really know.

One thought on “Insensitive, or Common Sense?

  1. “if you can’t handle the stress of nursing school, you certainly can’t handle the stress of actually BEING a nurse.”

    THIS. Car wrecks don’t get nicer based on which nurse is working the local ER, and oh goodness gracious me, pissed off or difficult patients will not be nicer to a nurse who holds up her hand and says, “Be nice, I have anxiety.” They will EAT HER ALIVE.

    Promoting understanding of mental disorders is important. So is promoting the understanding that You, as an adult human being, are ultimately the only one responsible for You.


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