Death by Ribs

Folks, let me tell you what’s more painful than having a hip out of place: dislocating a rib or two after a coughing fit. Yes, I have dislocated a rib or two on my right side making sleep pretty much impossible. It’s extremely frustrating for two reasons.

One, I just had my chiropractor adjust me last Thursday and adjustments to the rib cage are NOT fun. Talk about knocking the wind out of you, bouncing your ribs back where they belong is not only painful on your skeleton, but painful on all of the muscles and ligaments that hold you together. They’re already strained because you’re out of alignment, and even when you are back to where you belong they twitch and twinge as muscles and ligaments do.

Two, I had to skip the gym again to go back to the chiropractor and get readjusted. Whatever the ef this respiratory thing is will quite possibly be the death of me. I take one step forward and two steps back every time I start feeling better. ARGHARGHA!! Now that I can move my arms above my head again I think I might try to do as much of the WOD as possible at home. Thankfully it was one that I CAN actually complete at home with minimal effort scaling only as much as pregnancy dictates I scale anyway. lol. We’ll have to see. Right now I’m afraid to move too much in an effort to keep my spine in alignment.

In other less whiny news: Now that I’m feeling better aside from my wacky ribcage, I’ve finally been able to catch up with the poor neglected house work. My mom came up a few days last week and got everything started, but I’ve actually been able to finish it and keep up with it. It’s a small victory, but a victory none the less especially since I’ve been sick for EVER. In addition to keeping up with my normal house work I’m starting to go through all of the clothes and put away the winter stuff for the season, plus cleaning up the spare room which will be the Babies’ room.

Yes, all of those wonderful new size small clothes I bought to celebrate my weight loss victory? Packed up in a bag until God knowns when I’ll be able to wear them again. lol. Being a multiple pregnancy, and my second pregnancy to boot I’m already starting to pudge up around my middle. lol.

As far as pregnancy goes, this one is taking off pretty well. I really haven’t felt awful aside from all the other various complications with my respiratory thing. The usual morning sickness jazz, but nothing extreme or out of the ordinary. I’m rounding the end of the first trimester so things are starting to level out. Staying active has really helped a WHOLE lot with that. Even just getting in one work out this week, I already feel much better than I have in the recent weeks. Now if I can just get my back and ribcage to cooperate…

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