Two for the Price of One

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So there is ONE other thing that happened last month, (also the reason I didn’t get a chest X-ray to confirm my pneumonia) but I wanted to wait until we had our first ultrasound to say anything. That happened today, and WE HAVE TWINS!! I still have a few weeks left in the first trimester, but right now everything looks great. Not going to lie, the entire thing has been one whirlwind surprise, but OMG TWINS.   We continued to try for conception a few months after my most recent miscarriage back in December, but by the time March rolled around we had pretty much given up.

We’ve been trying for another child since August 2013, and have lost two early pregnancies during that time. It was starting to cause more stress than anything, plus I really wanted to focus on school. We did spend one night together before we went back to our birth control methods, but after YEARS of failed attempts pregnancy was really the absolute last thing on my mind. I was a few days late, but didn’t think anything of it with all of the stress surrounding SAAM. (You know, because contrary to popular belief I DO, in fact, understand how the female anatomy functions) I honestly only took the test just to be on the safe side since I was about to start some new supplements.

And wham, bam, thank you ma’am. There you have it. I was so shocked with a positive test result I could hardly speak. I snapped the picture above, sent it to Hubs, then called my OB to see if there was anything they wanted to do differently with this pregnancy especially since it happened so soon after a miscarriage. UNFORTUNATELY, my OB was completely booked until my 8 week mark so… we had to wait. I was a nervous wreck waiting to see if I had one healthy baby, then my doctor was all like: “Here’s one baby with a healthy heart beat, and here’s the SECOND baby also with a healthy heart beat!” It all worked out for the best. lol. As long as things continue to go well Babies Hale will make their debut in December.


The other really funny thing about this pregnancy, I happened to take the test the day after receiving the letter from the financial aid office at school. Everything kind of just fell into place, and right into my lap with in 48hrs. lol. I really wanted to continue with school, and with our current Little heading off to preschool I wasn’t too worried about balancing school work with one infant…. two infants? Erm… probably not. lol. I mean I really do want to continue with school, but we’ll just have to see. At least this way since I hadn’t actually broken into my loans yet and had been using grants I won’t owe anything back so technically I can wait as long as I want. Which is slightly disappointing, but… yeah. Twins. That’s pretty much all my mind is capable of processing at the moment. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Two for the Price of One

  1. Thank you! The doctor said everything looks great and we shouldn’t have any problems especially since they look like fraternal twins with their own separate “rooms” and both have really strong heart beats. I’m definitely taking it SUPER easy the next few weeks just to be extra cautious that is FO SHO. 🙂


  2. Thank you! I’m still in too much shock to really be excited just yet. Lol. Plus we have a few more weeks of super fragile first trimester. I’ll be more excited after that hurdle is behind us I think. 🙂


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