Catching Up

Well… we’re back! Live blogging after a month’s worth of scheduled posts. Basically everything that could have happened worth writing about happened during April when I had everything scheduled lol. Let’s see… where to start…

I reached my weightless goal! Finally, after years of trying different diets and workout regimens I found my niche. 50lbs! Done and DONE! On the far left me at my heaviest 193lbs. The middle is me at 163 with diet alone, and the far right is diet and CrossFit 150lbs. Perfect BMI for my smallish frame. What’s even better? Oh just the fact that I can fit into SMALL clothes again. Okay okay okay. Yes, body positivity, size doesn’t matter, health is more important than size, etc etc etc. YES. I am all for all of that, but as you can see from this picture I was clearly NOT a healthy weight when I started my weight loss mission, and now I am. It just so happens that my healthy weight spread across my frame gives me the added perk of being a small. You know what else is awesome about this? Not only have I managed to lose the weight, but I’ve managed to KEEP IT OFF. That first picture was taken almost three years ago after the birth of my Little. I could actually tone up quite a bit more if I would stop being lazy and stick to my diet 100%. Right now I’m only about 75% dieting. Through out the week I’ll stick to my Paleo, but the weekend comes and everything goes to hell. lol. Fast-food, dairy. pizza, all the quick easy horribly processed foods.

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So that happened, and it was a really positive thing. Then we have the negative things… Signing up for the summer semester we hit a glitch with my loans. Apparently all of my information got processed incorrectly the first time around, and the financial aid office just NOW caught it. Two freakin semesters in, and now I’m magically ineligible for aid. So I had to drop my classes this summer to get all of that straightened out. It’s a little discouraging, but mostly just frustrating. I am thankful that we didn’t immediately have to foot the bill because education is not cheap my friends, but it’s slowing me down! If I get slowed down too much I’ll lose interest. lol. I have to strike while the irons of motivation are still hot!! I have until September to figure it out. I was thinking of transferring out to a different school anyway, so really I guess it kind of worked itself out there. lol.

Hmm… what else… I think that’s really it aside from the random egging of our Jeep. See, now normally I would be upset about petty vandalism like that, but this particular incident is just hilarious. Whomever did the egging was either really drunk, or just really stupid. They only hit the window, and bumper. The rest of the eggs landed somewhere in the yard. Another weird thing about the event, they picked up most of the shells?? There was one shell left by the side of the road, but the rest of them were gone. Unless it was an opossum, bird, or something else that wandered away with the shells. So… yeah. It’s pretty difficult to be angry about something when you’re too busy laughing. Honestly, we didn’t even notice it until our neighbor pointed it out, and we didn’t even have to wash it off because it rained later that afternoon. lol. There are like four other Jeeps around that are the same model and color as ours. I assume someone was pissed off at one of them, because there weren’t any other reports of vandalism that night. It was just us. A hilariously epic fail all around, on the part of the vandals. lol.

Aside from those few things, the Little and I have been hit hard with some sort of respiratory infection. She’s about 98% recovered, but my chest is still very rattly. I have a doctors appointment next week so we’ll see what happens. I felt so crappy in fact that I actually took a week off from the gym, which I haven’t actually done since last September. lol. I guess I was due for a break, but I much would have rather been sitting on a beach somewhere vacationing as opposed to holed up in the house coughing up a lung. I’m heading back tomorrow to see what I can do without passing out. lol.

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