“Men Really Need to Stop Calling Women Crazy”

See, there's this thing called biology...

“Men Really Need to Stop Calling women Crazy”

I rather enjoyed this article from the Washington Post written by Harris O’Malley. I don’t even like the Washington Post, but this article was kind of fun.

Obviously, from “insanitybytes,” people have probably gleaned that I’ve just embraced the crazy train. Heck, half the time I’m actually driving it. Sanity is highly over rated.

Anyway, Harris O’Malley makes several good points in this article, such as “Crazy is such a convenient word for men, perpetuating our sense of superiority. Men are logical; women are emotional.”  Yep. There’s nothing quite like having a man acting all irrational and crazy,  informing you that only he is ruled by logic and reason and you’re the crazy one. Uhm hmm. Do I look like a moron to you?

Kind of funny, that is one characteristic I really appreciate about my husband. Early on he flat-out said…

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