Intimidate Me

Intimidate me with your words and actions. With your need to be important in my life. Make me feel your anxiety so that it is my anxiety. My pain.

Steal my words and use them against me. Clubbing me in the head with your definition of my interpretation. Bind me tightly to words of yesterday so that my expressions of today mean nothing to you. A blind eye sees nothing when covered.

Intimidate me because you must. Because my freedom outlines your own world of bars. Shatter my spirit and walk upon my broken shell so that you might in turn be inspired. Crushing dreams to create your own.


Found this wonderful little gem over on It spoke to me for several reasons, and I wanted to share it especially this month when I’m focusing on the sexually abusive parts of my past. This poem perfectly describes an abuser from the perspective of a survivor. I distinguish from the perspective of a survivor vs a victim simply for the fact that when one is in the middle of the abuse, one isn’t always able to see this.

While anger is a good and necessary emotion to facilitate healing, true recovery comes not from hatred, but from forgiveness and acceptance. These words embody that philosophy. They aren’t written in rage, or spite, but a quiet acceptance of the way things are. I’d like to think my words come across the same way, but I know often times they don’t. I am severely lacking in the poetic prose department lol. I need to work on that.

2 thoughts on “Intimidate Me

  1. You words come across as poetic prose because they are your words! I like to tell anybody that complains about a blog post on personal issues “WordPress and Google have free blogging platforms, go ahead and start your own little blog to the world” When they fire back some stupid retort, I just call them a chicken sh!t.

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