In The Books

Last month I decided to sign up for the CrossFit Open interbox competition at my gym. I decided to hold off on signing up for the actual Open until next year since I’ve only been into the whole CrossFit thing for a hair over a year now. I’ve improved greatly, but I’m still not brave enough to take the plunge into legit paid competitions just yet. Anyway, the way the entire thing works is that each week for five weeks a WOD (workout of the day) is announced for everyone to participate in. Depending on your scores over all decides who then advances to the Regional competition before heading to the CrossFit Games in July. There are no pre qualifications to participate in the Open so it’s kind of neat. Part of the whole CrossFit community thing. 

I can now sit here and say I survived the each and every workout thrown at us for the duration of the Open. *confetti cannon* That’s right folks, not only have I been giving myself a mental workout in preparation for SAAM, but I’ve been giving myself quite a physical work out as well. The last workout (the year .5, so this year it was 15.5 and previous years it’s been 14.5, 11.5 etc) is usually the most difficult, but all of them are pretty grueling. By the time I reached 15.5 I was recovering from a sinus infection with massive chest congestion, and I was just burnt out exhausted since in addition to the competitive workouts I had been keeping up with my normal gym schedule as well. It didn’t help any that I only got four hours of sleep the night before either, but I drug myself out of bed, ate a good hearty breakfast and headed in to the gym to get down to business. 

I was able to complete the workout, 72 reps of one of the most difficult movements in the CrossFit world the thruster, and 72 calories on the rowing machine but it took me 36:47. Thirty six minutes and forty seven seconds. I was supremely pleased with myself considering last year when I attempted 14.5 my time was somewhere around forty minutes and the work out was pretty much the same, but as the day went on and my muscles weren’t fatigued I began to wonder if I hadn’t paced myself TOO MUCH and sold myself short. I decided to take two days to recover and see what happened. I wasn’t even remotely fatigued on the second day so… I decided to try it again yesterday. I usually do better in competition when I have an idea of a time to beat anyway. 

Everything started out great. I was racing along at almost double my previous pace when I went to drop the barbell to take a few breaths between reps. In the process I didn’t catch it correctly and ended up smashing my knee and scraping my shin. Yeah… that smarts no matter when you do it, but especially in the very first sequence in the workout. It didn’t stop me or significantly slow me down, but it did interrupt my pace. It took me a moment to get back up to speed and then I felt the twinge. The twinge that only a mother understands.

My bladder decided that it was full right in the middle of the workout!! I was dehydrated the first time I attempted the work out, so yesterday I made sure to hydrate like crazy before going in. I even went to the bathroom before I started just to prevent interruption, but for some reason my bladder just didn’t care. SO… I tried to keep pace as long as I could before I had to sprint across the gym taking two minutes of my precious time to appease my annoying bladder. It was awful and hilarious at the same time. 

Needless to say, even with all of those things working against me I STILL managed to knock five minutes off of my first attempt. My new official score is 31:31, even though if you take off the two minutes spent appeasing my bladder it would be 29:31. A full ten minutes faster than my original goal of forty minutes AND the Open is over! I did it! I survived! It’s in the books forever that I accomplished something I set out to accomplish with out bailing out half way through or getting discouraged and making a scene. That is more of an accomplishment to me than anything I can do or not do in the gym.

Everyone always told me that working out was the best way to deal with my crazy emotions, but I never listened. I wish I had listened, because finding CrossFit has been one of the most amazing and beneficial parts of my recovery. That, and I’ve lost like forty pounds of fat and gained a whole lot of strength and stamina. I think for the first time in my life my body’s endurance can keep up with my willpower. lol.