*Eye Twitch*

Nope, sorry Mother. The stress in my voice really has nothing to do with my younger siblings going to visit some college somewhere. They’ve both been enrolled in other schools long before I made the decision to pursue my higher education. It’s pretty much irrelevant to my self esteem or own college experience. But y’know, thanks for that assumption and email telling me how I feel and why. Because that’s REALLY HELPFUL for my current mental state. 

Argh!! Allow me to present to you, Readers, exactly how not to raise your children in order to avoid a bouquet of mental issues! I shouldn’t be surprised since its been this way since birth, but it triggers everything when my mom does stuff like that, and I was just starting to pull out of my mood swings from getting my SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) project together. Which of course she knows nothing about, since I haven’t told her about either of my assaults due to this wonderful parenting tequnique demonstrated above. 

*sigh* It’s never going to change, she doesn’t see her narcissistic traits (obviously, that’s the inherit difference between NPD and BPD) so she sees no reason to go get help or alter her behavior. I’ll just have to do my best to ignore/avoid her until the SAAM stuff comes and goes. I have enough on my plate with out her meddling or assuming. 

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