Hating on Hoosiers

Okay guys… I’ve been researching everything I possibly can before I post my opinion on Governor Pence and his decision to sign the RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) into law, because I can understand why people are upset about it and I feel that everyone has the choice to voice their opinions, participate in demonstrations, etc etc.

HOWEVER, I really don’t see the issue with this bill. I do see the potential for an issue, especially since the case that was used to bring the RFRA to public attention in Indiana was a case of a Christian owned business who decided to RESPECTFULLY (that’s important) decline service to a gay couple who sought out their services for a wedding cake citing religious beliefs. That was the case that was used to promote public awareness of the bill, but that is NOT what the bill itself is about.

Of course it’s easy to become upset when you feel your lifestyle is under attack, so I don’t fault those who vehemently oppose the bill and have decided to boycott the state of Indiana. I honestly don’t, and in fact I can respect them for sticking to their guns. The issue I have right now is that the media has blown this SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far out of proportion and so many people are (although rightfully so) upset for no valid reason it’s become this giant Anti-Indiana All the Things campaign for no other reason than an uninformed mob mentality.

Indiana is the last in a long line of states which have signed a RFRA bill into law. 19 other states currently have similar legislation, and 13 more are considering them as well. In addition to the laws already present on state level, the FEDERAL RFRA was signed into law by President Clinton in 1993. I’m not saying don’t boycott Indiana if that’s how you feel the need to take a stand, I’m only saying that by focusing all of this disapproval upon the last of 19 states kind of makes the entire Equality movement look like a bunch of bullies. A bunch of bullies using their legal sway to discriminate against religious freedom, which is PRECISELY what this bill is designed to prevent.

Just some food for thought…

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  1. And that is why I have tried to limit my comments to bashing those whose thought process doesn’t go farther than the latest meme. Too many people are just looking for a chance to “Insult the other side.” I saw a George Takei post in which he basically said his only problem was that now Indiana “needs a lgbt civil rights bill” to protect them. Unfortunately, no one has actually seen anything but his stupid memes and his hashtag “Boycott Indiana.” So far, I haven’t seen anyone signing onto that we couldn’t do without- particularly the overrated “Angie’s List”. In a year on their service, the only thing I ever got out of them was multiple requests to review a NY law outfit called Shapiro and Sons.

    A local talk host got asked the question, “Would the law protect, say a Muslim restaurant whose ownership requests all women wear supplied shawls as to not offend them. I say, it should. No woman SHOULD have a problem wearing the shawl provided- unless it has offensive printed copy on it. I’ve said it before and will again- the only reason this law was needed was because of idiot radicals who purposefully brought it into the court system. If they (who claim they were being discriminated against), would have done what a reasonable person would have done and just went down the street, none of this would be needed. But they sued- just to cause this. If the results didn’t meet their expectations, too bad for them.

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  2. Exactly… what bothers me the most is the insane amount of disinformation surrounding this entire thing. It’s all been lost in propaganda and rhetoric. It’s sad really, that it’s been taken to such extremes.


  3. As a proud Hoosier this bill really upsets me just because it puts our Hoosier community in bad light. Sure parts of the state are still stuck in stone age, but overall I like to tell everyone that Indiana really is a “common sense” kind of state. The media is going to take anything and misrepresent it that’s why I thought even passing the bill was idiotic. Why bring the attention to us and cost us potential advertisers and businesses for what is nothing more than “political” play for a possible White House run. I’m a die hard republican but I’m not going to hide behind the bible like too many republicans do. It’s the 21st century, gay marriage is just as part of society now has sitting in traffic. I’m not gay but I respect a man/woman’s right to seek comfort and companionship. Ok endeth the rant.

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  4. I agree with you. It’s all a giant political stunt. We just happen to be the scapegoat this time around…. Which is what bothers me more than the bill itself. Either way it went it was going to put Indiana in a bad light.

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