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Apparently I am a minion just because I happened into a blog argument via one particular blog (Harsh Reality) that some one has a vendetta against. I posted a comment because the aggressor of the argument was being irrational, hypocritical, and just a generally pissy person. I didn’t realize that by commenting on something that came across my dash I would get swept up into a whirl wind, knock down, drag out blog fight. (For my opinions on being a minion you can read this post here. lol.)

I mean… I can’t even. I simply can’t even right now. It’s one thing to be offended if people sneak around in your private business and publicly try to humiliate you. It is an entirely different matter when you post your thoughts in public for people to read allowing comments and critiques. Don’t be mad when the object of your post sees it and retaliates. Especially if you’re attempting to be passive aggressive. If someone calls you out on your bs passive aggression, you have no right to belittle them or accuse them of bullying, trolling, wtf ever else you want to say out of embarrassment.

Don’t poke the bear and get upset when they growl at you. If it’s something you KNOW is going to upset you, take some personal responsibility and IGNORE THEM. No one MAKES you engage in an argument. Nope, your participation is 100% voluntary. Of course you’re also free to express your own opinion on the matter, but by doing that you open your self up to further criticism. That’s on YOU. YOUR choice. Not the person trolling, not the person who disagrees with you, no. YOU.

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t always realize that. It’s taken me quite a while to grasp that concept but you know what? Now that I have life has become so much easier. Lol.

I stand by every word I post, and I’ll happily engage with those who choose to comment. Sometimes I get emotionally carried away with things, especially those which are triggering but I mean it says right there in my about page I have PTSD and BPD. Even something that triggers me I’ll come back to later when I’m thinking clearly. That’s the entire point of having a blog. To engage with your audience. Am I right?? 

2 thoughts on “Minion

  1. Very well said, I write from the heart also and if you don’t like what I have to say then go away. Luckily I’ve only dealt with a couple of trolls and just deleted them from my blog and didn’t feed their ego by engaging them, if it happened pre divorce I probably would have been knee deep in a childish game of online insults but I like to think I’m above that now. The particular war you are describing though I have to say I can’t blame him though that would tend to upset me also.

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  2. Oh most certainly! I really am on OM’s side in the whole thing, the other guy is the one being aggressive and petulant. OM is defending himself, and is totally in the right to do so. He has a good head on his shoulders, the other guy…. Not so much.

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