Anthrax Anniversary

Today is only Tuesday and already this week has gotten off to a wild start. Yesterday was going great until Hubs got home and decided to check the mail.

He wandered in the door and met me in the kitchen with a bemused expression saying: “Love, your parents tried to mail us some anthrax and the Post Office opened it.”

I turned around and gave him a funny look, until he helt out the package for me to see. There definitely was some white powdery substance all over the card, and an apology from the post office for the card being opened and destroyed. I picked it up, confused as to what on Earth my parents could be attempting to mail us with anything powdery and opened it. This is what I found:


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For some reason my parents decided that it was a good idea to try mailing a round metal candle and some powdered drink mix. I’m sure the gesture was well intended, but yeah. The Post Office wasn’t very happy I’m sure. lol. It CLEARLY states that nothing powdered, or metal should be mailed together. Hubs and I got a good laugh out of it anyway even if our card was ruined. 

Until we opened the rest of the mail and found a letter from our insurance company. Apparently my Little’s identity was stolen in the recent cyber security breech. My Little has had her identity compromised before she’s even old enough to understand what that means. I was so upset I wanted to scream. Hubs’ actual employment company is heading up the investigation and all the legal things that come with it on our behalf which is nice, and because my Little is OBVIOUSLY under 18 it shouldn’t be too difficult to correct any attempts to create credit accounts in her name or anything. It still really bothers me. I think it’s just my over active maternal instincts kicking in, but regardless. Just one more thing to pile up on top of the ever growing Stress Mountain around here.

Soon after absorbing that mess I decided to head to bed. Hubs works second shift so he doesn’t get home until later, and our schedules are pretty much polar opposites. I’m generally in bed soon after he gets home, but he normally doesn’t wander in to bed until several hours later if at all. Some nights he doesn’t even make it past the couch after dinner and his usual TV time. ANYWAY… so I went to sleep around midnight and at 5am woke up to a strange sound I couldn’t really identify. I listened to it for a few moments until I realized it was gunfire. It sounded very muffled or off in the distance, but it was A LOT of gunfire and it continued in weird spurts for quite a long time before I decided to get up and investigate. It didn’t sound like it was coming from the TV, but Hubs hadn’t made his way to bed yet. I hopped up and wandered out to the living room to find Hubs passed out asleep, some weird YouTube video loop of various different gun demos playing on his computer at full volume. lol.

This is not what my frazzled PTSD brain needed. Waking up in the middle of the night to strange gun fire, even if it was just on the computer. lol. So I was on high alert until about 6am this morning before finally winding down to sleep for the last hour until my alarm started buzzing. So today I’ve been exhausted and a bit frazzled with all the goings on. PLUS, I have an appointment with my advisor tomorrow, Hubs and Little have their chiropractor appointments Thursday, Friday is the last Open WOD, and then there’s only a few days left until April. Where did this month go??

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  1. It’s not so much the identities that upset me, but the identities of CHILDREN. That’s what they were looking for. They targeted children! Hell, they can HAVE my identity lol. I’ll give it away for free with my horrible credit, but don’t interfere with my kid’s future. Who knows what she’ll need her SSN for later down the road? Loans, bank accounts, just about everything requires it these days. 😦

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  2. Yikes! The identity stealing is messed up. I’m sorry that you have to deal with that. But the whole anthrax in the mail thing was pretty funny. Parents are so oblivious sometimes.

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