Here We Are Again

Guys!! My marriage survived another year!! Barely, hanging on by a thread but we MADE IT. Yep, today is our anniversary. ^_^ 

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it this year. I mean I’m glad Hubs decided to stick around, and he has been putting forth a lot more effort toward our relationship in recent months so things aren’t BAD, but I don’t really feel an overwhelming urge to celebrate either. We didn’t do anything aside from get each other cheesy obnoxious cards, spend the weekend together as a family, and watch the little video slide show thing I put together after our ceremony. 

I think we’re both just sort of taking stock this year, a little apprehensive with where life is taking us. Not particularly in regards to our marriage, but in general. We’re on the cusp of several huge transitions right now. Lots of things are up in the air and completely uncertain. It’s kind of difficult to celebrate where you’ve been when you aren’t on a clear path to where you’re going. 

It’s okay though. I don’t mind a good shuffle in life. At least this time I won’t be going through it alone. 


3 thoughts on “Here We Are Again

  1. Marriage is about 100% most of the time…you’re there for each other all the time. Sometimes when life gets in the way, one picks up where the other can’t and vice versa. Regardless of the future, once the commitment is set, there are no worries where your spouse is concerned. It’s you and him as one against the world. Happy anniversary.

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