Okay… this is a bit ranty, so I apologize, BUT I am so severely annoyed at this point I don’t really care anymore.

 Hubs has dreamt of owning a motorcycle since well before I met him. He bought one a few years back that needed some work done to it. He’s been plodding along saving money buying parts etc, when all of the sudden his sister just HAS to have one too. She decides that not only does she need one, her husband needs one too. So they go out and get a loan to buy these bikes which also need some work done. Granted they run, but they needed some cosmetic stuff done to them. Hubs’ bike doesn’t even run yet, and he has ever so patiently been waiting for his Dad to find time to help him get the motor rebuilt. 

Dad is more than wiling to help out, BUT you see, now here is why I’m upset. Sister keeps DEMANDING that her stuff get done first. Hubs always comes second. The special project that he was supposed to have for just he and his dad has been hijacked once again by his sister. Hubs is really upset by it, but he doesn’t want to say anything and he doesn’t want me to say anything either so I’m stuck. I hate the way his sister treats him. I’ve always hated the way she treats him, but even more so now. Granted, Hubs is very quiet and doesn’t speak up about much, but still. That doesn’t give her the right to just push him aside and steal his thunder with every damn thing he does. The favoritism is blatantly obvious. 

Every time there is a crisis of some sort Hubs gets left in the dust to fend for himself and Sister gets all the attention. We can’t have date nights because Sisters kids are always off with the grandparents and no one is available to watch our Little, and what has really kind of sealed the favoritism deal was Christmas this year. They asked what our Little wanted and I told them specifically what she wanted. Not one single thing did she get that was specifically what we asked for, yet Sister’s kids got everything they wanted. True, my Little is still young enough that she didn’t really care what she got as long as it was new and fun to play with but what’s going to happen next year when she’s aware of what’s going on? 

If her feelings are hurt in anyway shape or form all bets are off. I try my best to respect Hubs’ wishes to not start a fight, but that’s just crossing the line. I’m not going to let my Little be treated differently just because she happens to be the youngest grandchild, and happens to be Hubs’ child instead of his sister’s. NOPE. Hubs’ family has yet to meet Angry Kelli. They’ve seen Mildly Annoyed Kelli, and Highly Opinionated Kelli, but not yet have they met Angry Kelli. 

I was discussing it with Hubs the other day, and really at this point I don’t even care. The Little and I haven’t been included in any family functions since Hubs went to second shift. If it’s not on a weekend when Hubs is around it’s like we don’t exist. They don’t care for me, just as much as I don’t care for them. It’s whatever, but I don’t want to alienate the Little from the rest of her family. It’s not fair to her. :/ 

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  1. Oh my, I absolutely understand what you are going through! Deep breath! Maybe you can gently tell the dad that his sons feelings are really hurt and that he was really looking forward to this project. And if nothing happens, you at least have the fact that you tried! This is a tough road, in fact my only doubt about my marrying my husband was whether or not I wanted to deal with his sister for the rest of my life, lol. So trust me I understand. Best of luck, because you need it! 🙂

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  2. Thank you. I was a bit blindsided honestly. When we first got married the whole family put on a show of being very close, but as time wore on the facade began to fade. It wouldn’t have kept me from marrying my husband, but it would have been nice to know before hand. :/

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  3. Good thing you didn’t say anything about it. 😉 In my world, if you want to survive, move away from family. It’s tough but some of us understand. Matthew 19:30 Many people who are first now will be last in the future. And many who are last now will be first in the future.

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  4. I jus hope that it really doesn’t affect the kids, my kids are small but they are noticing things and I let them voice their concerns to their grandparents. But I hope it gets better for you guys! 🙂

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  5. 1. YOU teach people how to treat you.
    2. If ‘family’ doesn’t respect, love or treats you/hubs/little differently than sis, they are not worth your time/energy/respect.
    3. See #1.

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  6. Favoritism is the worst. Your poor child, I hope this gets resolved before she grows up enough to realize what’s going on, and lets it get to her self esteem!


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