Physician heal thy self

I don’t have much to say today, but I felt that this piece was worthy of a share. The author makes a good point. Often times those who care so much for others forget to care for themselves.

Uncomfortably Numb


I’ve decided to talk about an extraordinary person I’m fortunate to know. Let’s call her Liv

Liv is intelligent, tenacious, caring, imaginative and innovative with the ability to give them form.
I think Liv is one of those ‘once in a life time’ people

Liv’s life might seem like 40 miles of rough road, relentless, bump after bump and while she may have picked up a scuff or two, underneath beats a heart of pure gold and a courageous spirit.
What makes Liv special is she faces the difficult situations that most people might shy away from.

Gentle and caring in nature, Liv became a medic to give comfort and aid to those who needed it and overcame any unpleasantness that might bring.
A situation in which many people can often be found wanting.

Liv went further thought, further than perhaps most people, myself included would go. Liv choose to…

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