It’s All the Rage!

Rolled across this in my blog roll today. I can relate to this SO MUCH. Often times my perceived “oblivion” to things makes everything so much worse, and other times it saves me a whole lot of unnecessary grief. I wish there was a way to tell the difference between the two scenarios. Lol. For real!

An Upturned Soul

Letting it slide is in many ways my go-to coping mechanism for life, and when dealing with those complex beings known as other people.

It’s one of those ways of approaching life and relationships which grows out of a natural trait rather than something unnatural which you force upon yourself.

If you’re irascible naturally… trying to be Zen is something you have to force upon yourself, and may resent.

If you’re naturally an airhead, trying to be less of one… it’s easier to turn what is natural into something useful, maybe making small adjustments to it as you go along.

If my head wasn’t attached to my body, I’d probably misplace it and not notice I’d done that for several days, maybe even years.

When people criticise me in a non-constructive manner, I often don’t notice until much later that what they were saying was a criticism, and it takes…

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