All The THINGS!!

Life has been dealing me one blow after the next today.

Woke up went to the gym, carved out a little space to complete the work out setting my water bottle and glasses in what I thought would be a safe out of the way place. I’ve left them in the very same spot before while working out and nothing happened to them. I admit it wasn’t the best space for the work out, but I was being super sluggish this morning and didn’t have as much time as I usually do to set everything up. ANYWAY… so I’ve started the work out, and all of the sudden there are like four other athletes taking over my space.

First it was just annoying. I mean I’m supposed to be completing x amount of reps and record my time. That’s how this CrossFit thing works. So having to pause while people get out of my way takes up time. Not that I’m really super competitive during the every day WODs, but still. Come on guys. I’m a 160b woman with a 5ft barbell. I need a little room, and crowding my space threw off my concentration. Annoyed with various interruptions, I decided to move my equipment to a better spot. Yes, it took more time off my score, but in the long run it was going to be worth it. Get over to my new spot, and before I could return to get my water bottle and glasses: kersmash. One of the Intrusive Athletes knocked them off their perch smashing them. My glasses split in half and my water bottle latch snapped off effectively ruining both items. 

That pissed me off because if I had been working there as intended, they wouldn’t have been knocked off their perch, or if they had been it would have been my own fault. So the annoyance built, but instead of interrupting everyone else I just picked up my stuff and moved it out of the way, trying to get back to my work out. At this point the clock was at 10+ minutes, and I had barely completely two rungs of a three movement 10-1 ladder. That was the kicker. I tried to refocus, but my motivation was gone and the anger was building as the Intrusive Athlete had finished their work out but didn’t even make an effort to apologize or find out who the items belonged to. It wasn’t the fact that my glasses and water bottle were broken that upset me, it was the disrespect. Not only of being pushed out of my space, but the lack of common courtesy. That was it. All she wrote. 49 reps in, I put away my equipment and gathered my things to leave before my BPD got the best of me and all The Rage came out. 

So that was frustrating, adding to the whole thing, I had to go to the grocery store before I went home and I am literally half blind with out my glasses. I have several pairs at HOME, but I rarely take more than one pair out with me. That was an exciting trip through town and around the grocery store. I thought I was going to be sick walking by all the shelves with the colors and textures all blurring in together, and being half blind my depth perception was off and I kept running into things. Thankfully it was only in the store and not in the car!! Although the whole driving thing was pretty difficult too. 

Then after I got home and dug out my extra pair of glasses, I happened to look at the checking account to discover that everything I spent while grocery shopping is going to screw up the bank account. I forgot that the insurance bill comes out this week. SO THAT’S AWESOME. Insurance? Groceries? Insurance? Groceries? Honestly it’s not that we don’t have the money, it’s that my Hubs gets paid weekly giving us a much smaller chunk to work with during the first of the month when our largest bills are due. We’ve had money in savings up until last week when he signed up for his Abate class to get his motorcycle endorsement for the summer. It depleted our normal savings buffer, and I forgot about it. Which means fees. Glorious bank fees! 

On top of everything else? Yeah. No. Not what I needed today. -_-


7 thoughts on “All The THINGS!!

  1. That does sound like a frustrating day, next time hit them upside the head with the barbell. The number of times I’ve burned my checking account forgetting about the insurance autodraft has to be in the thousands! Tomorrow is a new day hopefully it will be better.

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  2. It’s an auto withdrawal and we have multiple policies. It’s just easier to leave it alone. I just forgot about the extra Abate expenditure, normally it isn’t a problem. It’ll work out I’m sure. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂


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