Let It Be

Life has annoyed me today. It started out as an amusing miscalculation on my second attempt at 15.2. When I woke up and went to the gym today I had decided to give the RX weight a try. It was my previous 1 rep max weight, so I figured at the very least I would try one squat at a time and see how many of the first 10 reps I could do in the 3min time cap. Yes, well it was my PREVIOUS 1 rep max, because I managed to bust out all ten reps, even breaking them up into sets of three, in 2:15. I didn’t even have a pull up station ready, because I seriously didn’t think I was going to be able to complete 10 OHS at my max weight. So, I spent the remainder of the 3 min hanging on the pull up bar like an idiot laughing with my coach. I sort of surprised myself there, and apparently grossly underestimated my abilities. It was both amusing and annoying for the same reason. I sold myself short trying to do better than I had in my first attempt on Friday.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to go for a third attempt this week or not. I think two attempts is more than enough. Maybe I’ll go back after the open and try again, but last Monday doing a double WOD was WAY too much. I about killed myself there. lol. I’m taking it easy this week.

So there was that, then when I got home there was a suspicious smell wafting from the back bedroom, the Little’s room. I knew she had spilled some juice on her carpet last week, but I thought I had cleaned it up. Oh no. No, far from clean is her carpet. There is juice covering just about every inch of it in small tiny droplets, in addition to the moldy smell it’s creating it’s also attracting ants. I really need to pick up a carpet cleaner. By the time she’s grown I’ll have spent a fortune on renting Rug Doctors if we don’t just invest in one. Annoyance number 2 for the day.

I sat down to work on a writing project and had zero inspiration, hence why I’m here wasting my time blogging, trying to get the juices flowing. It’s not due until April so I have more than enough time, but I also have a whole lot of plans between now and then so I want to get it out of the way. I’m really trying to work on my procrastination. Procrastination is pretty much inherent with Borderline, but I want to continue to improve in all aspects of my issues not just the emotional ones. lol. Unfortunately even having the best intentions my brain just isn’t cooperating right now. Even getting out this tiny blog post was a bit of a challenge. Annoyance number 3 for the day.

Nothing significant, nothing I can’t deal with, and yet ever so annoying. I think I’m just irritated because I’m a lady and it’s that time when biology dictates I have an excuse to be irrationally irritated with mundane things. lol. I give up. The day is a wash as far as productivity is concerned. I’ve accepted this, the only thing I can really do is let it be.  

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  1. First, great job on your accomplishment at the gym! I really need to get back into it. Second, carpets are some tricky bastards, they are. Spill anything, and it feels like you need the power of God himself to get anything up! Third, congrats on trying to beat your procastination! I know it is hard, I am a Class A procrastinator. 🙂

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