Head Games

One glorious benefit of learning to control my emotions has been the ability to really control my thoughts as well which has been a huge benefit preparing for the Open. Today is my last day to prepare. I’ve been physically preparing for the last two weeks. My cleanse worked miracles btw. Slimmed right down. I actually had to break out my “too small” gym attire because my usual rotation was too baggy and falling off. Lol. Single digit sizes again? Why yes. I’ll take it! 

Today though is dedicated to reigning in my mental weight so to speak. After the stressful flare up yesterday I decided to put on the breaks today. I had an early chiropractor appointment, then I decided to pick up some bath salts (the legit soaking kind, not the zombie eat your face off kind lol) and make myself a little spa treatment while the Little is napping, and before I head out to my mobility appointment. Once the WOD is announced I’ve got my yoga mat all dusted off for some specialized stretching and meditation. Mr. Miyagi would be proud I tell ya! Lol.

But seriously… In my day to day gym goings I’m usually holding back because I have eight hundred other things to do once I leave the gym, but tomorrow? Tomorrow the full force of competitive Kelli will be unleashed. We’ll see how that goes. Lol. 

In other news, a few months back I was rudely awakened by a hawk screeching outside my window at 2:30am. Our little friend returned today when we pulled in the driveway after the chiropractor appointment he was just chilling, hanging out snacking on a poor unsuspecting robin. I tried to get a picture of him but he flew away and all you can really see is a blur of feathers. I’m not quite sure how I feel about having a hawk stalking around our house, especially with a smallish dog and my Little out in the back yard all the time. 

In addition to those albeit far fetched worries, this hawk is so gung ho it’s flown into our house twice while on the hunt, and it leaves a MESS everywhere it goes. My yard and the fresh snow is littered with bloody feathers. Not exactly the most pleasant sight to run into, or explain to a concerned innocent two year old. It’s true she has to learn about these things sometime but I don’t like watching her little soul get crushed. 

Otherwise, it’s been kind of neat to be able to watch a hawk so closely. I’m not sure where it hunts during the summer, but in Kind of glad it decided to come back.