CrossFit Open 15.1 is here!! Deadlift and snatch are my FAVORITE movements, they’re also some of my better movements. I’ve been a bumbling ball of excitement all day waiting for this, but now I’m so super stoked to get to the gym in the morning!! Toes to bar, and the over head jerk are movements I’m still working on so that part of the work out will be challenging, and the weight is at the higher end of the spectrum for me but the great thing about this is that no matter how many reps I get they all count! Even if I end up in 80000th place, they all count. We’re all doing the exact same thing, everyone participating is doing the exact same thing. It would be like if they opened the Olympics for anyone who wanted to sign up.

Some say it degrades the sport when everyone is able to participate, but I think the opposite is true. Do I ever expect to end up at the Games? No, but being able to watch my progress year after year really makes the whole daily training thing worth it. Being able to look at the board and say: “75lbs? That’s ALL?” when I could barely lift an empty bar over my head last year? Um yeah. That’s what’s up!

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  1. I think you might be my long lost little sister… 😉 Thought 50 Shades was awful for all the reasons, mother, piss people off, love to write and NOW CROSSFIT. Joined at the heart. Instantly.

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