Tune In, Tune Out

Yesterday I was pretty much bored out of my mind since I got all of my cleaning caught up and didn’t really have much else to do. I decided to fill my time cleaning out my iTunes library which I’ve haven’t done in the entire ten years I’ve had it. I’ve switched computers a couple of times but I’m talking about the actual purchased stuff that has been floating around on an Apple server even predating the Cloud. It took me the better part of the afternoon as I went through and listen to things I hadn’t heard in ages. A lot of it… well okay about 90% of it I wanted to kick myself in the face. It was AWFUL. 

There are some things you like, and some classics that stand the test of time the majority of my library? Nope. Not so much. There were a few things I saved just to have incase I MIGHT decide I want to listen to them down the road, but really I probably could have just deleted my entire account and started over. I guess that means I’ve grown and matured over the years? Or I had way too much time and extra cash on my hands before I went into therapy and got my Borderline under control. lol. Either way… It cleaned up massive space on my computer. I can now open iTunes AND do my homework AT THE SAME TIME. *gasps* I didn’t think such frivolity was possible!! TWO things at once?? lol.

It’s true… my trusty MacBook is slowing down a bit in it’s old age. Actually it’s not slowing down so much as other things are speeding up and it can’t quite compete. It’s going on ten years old itself. My iPod is too. lol. Which says a lot for Apple really that the only thing “wrong” with my devices is the fact that technology left them behind after a decade. And that is about the only reason I’m Team Apple. I paid a little more for them up front sure, but I’m also still using them instead of having to buy another PC every two years. Anyway… I didn’t set out to write a pro-Apple rant. lol. My mind is a bit all over the place today. 

In fact… I can’t remember what it is that I actually sat down to write so I guess I’ll stop babbling.