Clean Machine

So… for those of you who don’t know, the annual CrossFit Open competition starts February 27th. I signed up for our inter box competition this year and I have two weeks to work on getting to peak performance, or at least as far as I can get in two weeks after trying to recover from a sinus infection and horrible eating habits. lol. I’m recovering from the sinus infection… the horrible eating habits are my own fault. I don’t even crave fast food anymore, I’m just lazy and don’t feel like washing dishes. lol.

It’s not even the COOKING part that bothers me. Just the cleaning up part. If I could cook all day and hire some one to clean up for me I would, but right now there’s no need. I can still (mostly) keep up with the house work and everything else going on in my life. I did get behind during the holidays and pregnancy loss fiasco, but really… unless you’re Ms. Holly Homemaker Perfectionist, who DOESN’T get behind on things during the holidays, or times of extra stress? I’ve been slowly getting everything back to where it used to be. The living room is straightened, and the kitchen is almost deep cleaned. Bathrooms look good, and surprisingly our bedroom is organized. I just have the Little’s room, and the spare room to pick up and I will FINALLY be done. 

Let me tell you… trying to keep up with a toddler who takes out EVERY SINGLE TOY in EVERY SINGLE TOY BOX, at least twice EVERY SINGLE DAY is quite the challenge. Then add the dog on top of that, and a husband who is tired from working long hours? Yep. It’s pretty much just me against The Mess. Which I don’t particularly mind. It gives me something to do when I’m at home instead of staring off into space while the Little is busy watching TV or getting into things. She hasn’t yet reached the ultra clingy stage, so even though I spend a lot of time with her, we pretty much do our own things. She has days when all she wants is to be right by my side, but most days she’s content to play on her own while I do various chores or homework. I kind of lucked out with that one… Hopefully the trend continues. Although once we get her enrolled in preschool I’m fairly certain it will change. 

Or, she could be a mega introvert like Hubs and just always enjoy her own company and I never have to worry about it. I’m okay with either one really. She had such a good time at the gym today with the other kids. It was adorable watching her really jump in and be a part of her little group. The boys and girls self segregated today, (as most preschoolers tend to do) and she was just having a blast sitting in the girls circle laughing and playing. It makes me feel like I’ve done something right in my short parenting adventure to see her developing and growing the way she has. 

Being and extrovert Borderline I’m not the most socially adept person in the world, and with Hubs’ mega introversion it’s really a wonder we can function in normal society at all. lol. We are quite literally the opposite end of the spectrum according to Myers-Briggs, and yet 75% of the time it works quite well. It all seems to balance out perfectly in our Little. She’s not super shy, but she’s not overtly outgoing either. She seems to be meshing and learning with her peers really well. I’m supremely thankful for that. 

Speaking of my Little… now would be one of the times where she’s decided to be extra clingy. I suppose I should be signing off now. lol.