Rowe, Rowe, Rowe Your Quote

This post got lost in the shuffle of my miscarriage and never made it out of the draft folder, so I’m sharing it now. It’s incomplete and the passion I had for it, and it’s topical relevance is long gone, but I think I pretty clearly stated my opinion anyway. I’m open for debate! Let’s here it. 🙂

A few months ago I shared this quote via various forms of social media:

“I support peaceful protests, and I’m all for rooting out bad cops. But let’s not stop there. If we’re serious about saving lives, and eliminating the confrontations that lead to the demise of Garner and Brown, let’s also condemn the stupidity that leads so many Americans to resist arrest. I don’t care if you’re white, black, red, periwinkle, burnt umber, or chartreuse – resisting arrest is not a right, it’s a crime. And it’s never a good idea.” -Mike Rowe

While it is a touchy topic and I welcome different opinions to debate, half of the people that commented on it completely missed the entire point of the quote itself and immediately jumped to regurgitating the rhetoric flying around about excessive use of force, and becoming a police state if officers aren’t held accountable and blah blah blah.

Now as I see it, it’s pretty straight forward. Don’t hate on the police, don’t resist arrest, and you won’t get hurt. Hassled? Maybe, but hurt and/or killed? Nope. If you chose to defy the authority of an arresting or any other police officer, take the responsibility for your actions. If you get hurt resisting arrest don’t blame the police. Say, yeah I wanted to fight and make a statement or whatever your reasons may be, and then accept the consequences for your own choices. That is what I got from the quote which is why I shared it.

I agree with Mr. Rowe in essence. People have to start taking responsibility for their own actions in regards to what happens to them. I’m not saying don’t stand up for your beliefs, or fight for justice. I’m just saying that if you chose to do stand against authority and you get hurt, own it! Say: “Yes I got hurt because I was doing something I believed in passionately, which happened to defy authority. It was a risk and I took it knowing full well the potential consequences of my actions.” Don’t start blaming it on race, or religion, or any other prejudice. OWN IT. If I go out in a blaze of defiant glory, people are going to know why I went out in a blaze of defiant glory and it’s not going to be some sob story fabricated to put blame on anyone else.  I will be accountable for my actions, and their consequences.

It is so much to ask that others do the same?