Novel Plans

I had at least five important appointments scheduled this week, but all of them are going to have to wait. My Little has come down with a nasty cold/flu whatever bug. She is 100% miserable and wants to do nothing aside from curl up in her bed and sleep. The poor kid barely wants to eat. She’s been sick before, but not nearly like this. I’m kind of worried about her, but right now there isn’t any reason to take her in to the doctor. She has a low grade fever, but aside from that we’ll just have to see what happens. She hasn’t gotten much worse, but she hasn’t really started getting any better yet either. We’ll just have to give it a few more days and see what happens.

While I’m home tending to her I’m trying desperately to keep myself occupied. It’s one thing to be home with a child who’s up and active. It’s an entirely different matter to be home with a child who isn’t doing anything aside sleeping and munching on some snacks here and there. I think I might actually get back to working on my novel. I finished it in November, but I haven’t really touched it since. It’s a little difficult to find time for fun writing in the middle of all of my other writing at the moment, but I really think I need to. I hate the editing/revising stage. I really wish I could just hire an editor, but I don’t exactly have loads of extra cash laying around anywhere so I can’t. This is why the only thing I’ve had published have been two small articles. lol. I’m a creator, but being a nit picky editor is not my thing.

I really like this incarnation of my book though. It flows a lot better than the first hypergraphic mess. lol. I tried to read through that first draft and had to stop. Absolutely nothing made sense. lol. There were more plot holes than holes in Swiss cheese. It went from one thing to another so quickly and without any real motivation it was all a blur. Honestly, being able to go back and look at my creative work over the years knowing what I know about myself NOW in regards to my BDP it makes perfect sense. There were SUPER HAPPY chapters of my book, then SUPER DARK chapters almost immediately following. It was really a chronicle of my most intense mood swings before I got out of the abusive home environment and into the real world. I’m glad I have it, but I’m also glad it’s never going to see the light of day. In fact, I think I might literally take it to my grave. There is only one copy after all, and I just might include it in my will to be buried with me. lol.

This draft though, this one is ready. I’m excited about the potential behind it. I wish I could share some of it here, but since I’m looking to publish it in the near future I’m really not going to go giving away bits and pieces until I’m ready. lol. I mean I guess I could, but my lawyer would probably frown at that. Or rather just shake her head and laugh at me. The second is more likely. I think the only reason she puts up with me is because I amuse her with my antics.

2 thoughts on “Novel Plans

  1. Can I ask- is “hypergraphic mess” an original? Because I LOVE that term and would love to be able to use it one day…Other than that, I wish you blessings in finding that editor. I’d love to help, but the squiggly line says I ain’t as much help at proofreading as I once was, and you could probably do with something better in the margins than an occasional WTF.


  2. Hypergraphia is the fancy science term for compulsion to write. Hypergraphic mess is an original, you may use it lol. I’ll keep trying. There has to be an editor somewhere out there looking for a start or something to occupy their time.


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