Two Peas, One Dysfunctional Pod

I was reading through my blog roll yesterday and came across an interesting article over at I’m going to share it here. It’s fairly long and in-depth, also a little hard to swallow, but very informative and worth the read.

I’m aware of my own narcissistic traits and work every day to attempt to correct them. It’s an ongoing battle, just like the ongoing battle to stay grounded in the present and not let my past take over, but it’s one I’m willing to fight. I’m fiercely determined to have my Little grow up in a different environment than I did. Not because of how it reflects upon myself, but because it’s the right thing to do. I want my Little to be as healthy and happy as she can be. It is definitely an uphill battle, but I hope (at least) I’m heading in the right direction.

Sort of a companion article of sorts I’m also sharing the link to the same authors insight on Borderline Personality Disorder. The two are fairly well intertwined, both the Borderline, and Narcissist sharing the same fluid chameleon souls. The primary difference being BDP is rooted in early childhood trauma, where as NPD is more of a break down in early attachment development. Women also tend to develop BPD far more frequently than men who lean toward NPD. In essence they are very similar disorders with only slightly different roots. Also, ironically enough, those with BPD tend to be intensely attracted to those with NPD due to the similarities in flux and flow.