Ah… There They Are!

My Little and I have about two hours during the day of down time depending on what errands I need to run. Normally we spend this time snuggled up on the couch watching a movie. After watching Winnie the Pooh approximately eight million times I decided to try something different today. Netflix just started streaming the original Star Trek again, which happened to be one of my favorite shows growing up, so I decided to try that. Now, my Little physically looks like a clone of her father, but she was completely mesmerized by Star Trek. There are genes from me in there somewhere! lol. We watched a few episodes before she went down for her nap, and it was glorious. 

Granted when I first watched these episodes they were running on syndication, but I still remember sitting down in front of our giant console TV pushing the buttons and flipping the channels until I found it every afternoon. I even had a green gold turtleneck, and my mom made me a Star Fleet patch. As far as I was concerned I could take over the universe with my green turtle neck. *sigh* Those were the good old days. I love watching my Little playing in her room and expanding her imagination. Yesterday she had her entire herd of My Little Ponies lined up on her windowsill and each of them was diving into a “pool” of pillows. She continued playing like that for hours until she finally passed out asleep. 

I wish she could stay this innocent forever… but that’s a bit depressing and I don’t wish to dwell on it. lol.

IN other news, today is my first CrossFitiversary! Yes that is a totally made up word, but I’m going to go with it. I have survived an entire year of CrossFit! It’s worth a new made up word! I haven’t really lost any pounds, but I have lost a whole lot of flab and gained a whole lot of muscle. Unfortunately I did suffer a non CrossFit related injury over the weekend kind of putting a kink in the beginning of year two. It’s probably the most embarrassing injury one can suffer as a women…. I tore something in my shoulder because I tried to put on a sports bra after hopping out of the shower. Yes… read that again. I tore something in my shoulder because my bra got stuck. How does that even happen? I mean really… It’s almost as bad as dislocating my hip stepping off the side walk a few years back. lol. Ugh… 

2 thoughts on “Ah… There They Are!

  1. As long as the turtleneck wasn’t RED, lol! I always wanted a toy tricorder, but never got it. Thus, I NOW have a sonic screwdriver. Take that, folks! Bwahhahaha!

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  2. I always carried around the hand held Dirt Devil, being a fan of both the original and The Next Generation. Lol 🙂


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