I Think This Belongs To You

“I was thinking about the wounds people give us, which are not our own, but which we come to believe are our own. Which we try to heal, perhaps spend all our lives trying to heal, in vain, because they are not ours to heal. We don’t know what caused them, so we can’t cure them. We just carry them.”

Beautifully written, much better than I could write it. So very, very, true.

An Upturned Soul

From the moment we are born, not our actual physical birth, but the moment our existence enters the conscious mind of others, the moment our birth mother realises that she is pregnant and our birth father realises that his sperm has created a being, people start giving us gifts.

Those gifts are a part of themselves, not a part of us, yet they become a part of us. We absorb them. Our growing self is nurtured as much by the thoughts and feelings of the world outside the womb as it is by the nutrients fed to us inside the womb by the umbilical cord.

If those gifts are positive they give us light. We feel welcome on Earth, safe, loved, wanted, good, and we look forward to being born. If those gifts are negative they give us darkness. We feel frightened, unsafe, unwanted, unloved, bad, and we dread the…

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