The Topsy Turvy World of a Child of Narcissists

This… This is everything I’ve been struggling with, and the description of your place in a family as a scribble? The most apt description I could ever think of.

An Upturned Soul

When is being ignored a positive thing?

When you’re the only child of two narcissists.

I’ve read a few pop psychology takes (which would probably not consider themselves to be the pop’ kind of psychology) on what an only child is like…


Only child according to who?this has been doing the Pin rounds on Pinterest, with quite a few only children saying ‘nay’ to it.


…and I tend to conclude that they were written by those who have never experienced what it is like to be an only child.

The descriptions of the personality which develops due to being an only child… are predominantly negative in tone and bias.


“A narcissist is someone better looking than you are.” ― Gore Vidal


They get way too much attention!!! Who do they think they are and how dare they think that! They think they’re all that when they are not! – is…

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