The Grocery Saga

This week, man. I tell you, I’m over it. It’s just been one thing after another. I sort of mentioned my grocery store fiasco on my Facebook page but I really don’t remember if I got into detail here. Even if I did I’m going to whine about it again because… Well because it’s my blog and I can. Lol.

Groceries… I have attempted to go to the store four times with week to pick up our usual fair. Nothing truly exotic, but stuff that I have to drive out of town to pick up. This is what happens when you attempt to eat clean and live in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive for days to get anything. If I go once a week it isn’t so bad, but trekking out multiple times a week wears me down pretty quickly and with everything else emotionally going on right now my patience was wearing pretty thin. We went to our usual grocery store, and I started going up and down the aisles looking for things. Not buying things mind you, but looking for them. Almost everything I had on my list was completely gone off the shelves. No eggs, no juice, no meats, no fresh veggies, NOTHING.

Now usually when they’re missing an item or two it’s not a huge deal. It’s annoying, but I normally just stop at one of the other stores I drive by on my way to civilization to find a substitute. This week, I was seriously pissed that they didn’t have anything I needed. To pissed in fact I actually complained to the service desk people. I guess due to the snow we had at the beginning of the week a whole bunch of people panic and bought everything out. The store for some reason didn’t account for this in their inventory which is why they were out of everything. I knew it wasn’t their fault, but I was still a bit stupefied that whomever was in charge of the orders didn’t account for panic buying. So that was fun.

We ended up stopping at another store and completing our grocery list, but by the time we got done with that it was so late when we got home my first priority was getting my Little in bed. I brought the groceries into the house, but completely neglected to put them away. When I woke up the next morning all of my food that I searched high and low for had been sitting out all night and was a thawed dripping mess. That was just the first attempt to get to the store… 

The rest of the week continued much the same way. Trying to get to the store, failing miserably. lol. I still don’t have groceries, but thankfully it’s now the weekend and Hubs will be home to help out. My Little has been in rare destructive form this week as well. I’m sure it’s just because of the extra tension she feels since I’ve been struggling, but it really hasn’t made anything easier. Especially since we’ve reached the stage where I’m trying to find a balance of letting her express her own emotions vs teaching her appropriate behavior. So far I think we’re doing pretty well, but somedays even as an adult there just isn’t anyway to express your emotions aside from throwing things, breaking dishes, or jumping on the furniture. I can’t really blame her. lol.