No Rest for the Wicked

My Little has figured out how to open her kid gate, which means nap time and sleeping in during the weekends is all but impossible at this point. Don’t get me wrong I love waking up to a bright happy little face and a sloppy toddler kiss. I’m just not particularly fond of this happening before 9am on the two days I have to sleep in and relax.

She’s getting old enough where the kid gates are pretty obsolete anyway. She knows what she’s allowed to play with and what she’s not and she’s pretty good about staying with in her rules and boundaries. Not enough that she can be up by herself just yet, but enough that I don’t have to immediately panic when the gates come down.

My Little is growing up. I found a picture of her the other day when she was about nine months old. It made me a little sad knowing that those days with her are long gone, but there was a bit of hope too that I’ll soon be able to enjoy those days again with our second (eventual) kid.

And now I’ll have to cut this short because o have to round up my kid for breakfast. 🙂