Slacky McSlackerson

I. Feel. Like. Death. BUT in a good way. Today was the first time I attempted a WOD at full reps in like… five months. It’s not that I’ve truly been SLACKING, as life has just gotten in the way. Hubs and I separated for a while in September so I was out of town at a different Box which had substantially different programing, then October I was sick for three weeks with the flu, November and December I was pregnant, and now here we are the second week of January and I’m finally feeling up to getting back in the groove. 

I can tell you one thing, my goal for this year is definitely less about weight and much more about cardio and gymnastics. I can throw weight around for days, but doing it quickly gets me every time. A simple 21-15-9-15-21 PC and goblet squat took me 36 min today. Granted, it has been five months so being able to complete every rep without passing out was an accomplishment in itself. lol. I’m not disappointed with the results, but I know there is vast room for improvement.

Improving my diet will help tremendously too. When I first started working out regularly I was completely gung ho 100% Paleo, and I felt AMAZING. Then my laziness kicked in and I started picking up a quick burger for lunch on the way home from the gym, and ordering pizza once a week, and making quick pasta dinners at home. Even buying the gluten free pasta I can feel the carbs slowing me down and completely zapping my energy. Plus, in addition to my pregnancy weight I have a stubborn five pounds clinging to my middle that simply will NOT go away until I change my diet. Well in all honesty, even changing my diet I’ll still have extra weight around my middle due to my hormone imbalances. Thanks a lot abnormal brain chemistry!

I don’t do the whole new years resolution thing, but setting new goals for myself has really helped me keep focused on the present. After I had my Little my life was kind of askew there for a moment. All I’d been focusing on since I turned 18 was becoming a wife and mom. Once I had achieved that I felt a bit lost with out something else to work toward. I mean I literally had everything that I had ever wanted and BPD kicked in hardcore. I’m living in my dream house, I’m with someone who provides for me and our family so I don’t have to work a 40hr week, I have a great kid, I finished my novel, and then…. *crickets*

Speaking of goals…. Since  we have to wait at least six months for my body to balance back out after this miscarriage fiasco, I’m continuing with my classes. I at least want to get the basic stuff out of the way before our second kiddo comes along, so I’m plodding along with everything else. I will get my degree dammit, even if it takes me 30 years to do so, which honestly at this point it could very well take 30 years. Much like my WOD today, it took me forever, but I finished it. School is going to take me forever, but I’m going to finish it. 🙂