Hello, Chicago

Well…. still no word on Little 2. One more week of limbo and I go back in for more testing.

My current Little and I had quite an adventure this morning. Hubs and I had decided to start potty training after the holidays. She has been asking about using the potty and been getting really good about telling us when she needs her diaper changed. We assumed she was ready, but after about half an hour in undies we quickly realized she was not. lol. I had my timer set to go off every twenty minutes, and she was super excited about wearing her big girl undies when she woke up this morning, but about half an hour after breakfast and two attempts at sitting on the toilet she had an accident in the living room. It freaked her out and she was super embarrassed. I cleaned it up, and took her into the bathroom, where I plopped her back up on the toilet. That time she absolutely freaked out and refused to stay seated on the toilet screaming and yelling and carrying on. So, I put her in a pair of clean undies and set my timer again. She didn’t even make it ten minutes before another puddle, and the third time I took her into the bathroom she absolutely threw a giant fit. She’s not ready, which is fine because she’s honestly still a little young, but since she was showing interest in it I didn’t want to discourage her. We tried, and we will try again in a few weeks.

The only other draw back to her not being quite ready is that we ran out of diapers last night. Since I had just gotten back from my weekend get away (which I’ll blab about here in a bit) I wasn’t actually aware we didn’t have any diapers. Oopsie! SO I managed to round up one extra one I had in a bag somewhere and we suited up to head out to the store. It’s like mega cold here today in Nowheresville. The first honestly cold day we’ve had in fact and I really didn’t want to get out into it at all, especially with the Little, but I also only had so many pairs of undies she could wear before I had to do laundry or nap time rolled around lol.

We made it to the store unfazed. A bit chilly, but bundled up in our heavy winter coats it wasn’t so bad. It was supposed to be a quick in and out trip, but oh no. That’s not what happened. It was a fairly quick in and out trip, but once we got back out side the cold was so shocking I quickly put Little in her car seat and completely forgot the groceries in the cart in a hurry to get out of the cold myself. We made it all the way home before I realized that we had left behind the only thing I went out of the house to get. lol. Thankfully I called the store and they had found my bag in the parking lot and held it at the service desk for me, so after another quick trip to the store, all was well. Nothing like a little frozen adventure to start the week off right. lol.

Speaking of frozen adventures, I love my Honda. It is one of the best cars I’ve ever owned, but for all of the other amazing things it does, snow is not it’s forte. It took us SIX HOURS to get back from Chicago yesterday, and we had less than an inch of snow the entire way. I know that doesn’t mean much to most of you new fans here not knowing where Nowheresville actually is, but lets say that the two and  half hour drive it took us to get up there Friday afternoon was much more pleasant than the return trip. The roads themselves weren’t actually bad, but I couldn’t get up over 55mph before the traction control started to go wonky and the steering went crazy. There were many other heavier cars flying right past me, even over some of the same slippery spots as myself not fazed in the least, but I had a horrible time.

Aside from the return trip taking a million hours, the rest of my time was refreshing and well spent. We didn’t really do anything super spectacular, but spending time with my besties whom I rarely get to see since we’re scattered all over the country was the best possible therapy I could have had during the recent stress. It was a great time. I think we’re going to spend most of our vacations this year up that way. At least we made several plans for several weekends up there during the warm weather, because nope nope nope am I ever trekking up there with out my Jeep in the cold snowy season again. lol. I’d love to go up and get into the city more, and explore. Chicago is one of the only major US Cities I’ve been to aside from L.A. where I’ve really had a chance to explore and experience all the wonderful things my neglected urban side craves. I think we’re also planning our anniversary trip out to Denver this year too. Depending on the fate of Little 2 anyway.

I don’t know. I feel a whole lot better now, I’m not quite so mopey and depressed about 2015 as I was on New Year’s Day. lol. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.