Terror Tot

My Little has been a handful these past few weeks. She’s two, so it’s to be expected on some level but man. I don’t know if it’s just the stress of everything else going on, or if she’s actually misbehaving more than usual, but my patience is wearing thin with her. I hate being stern especially while she’s so little and doesn’t always understand why, but I’ve had to break out the Mommy Voice several times in the last few days alone. Not yelling or screaming, but you know. The Mommy Voice, where you mean business and consequences will follow.

She experienced her first evening banned from watching TV the other night. Boy that was an interesting night. We had gone out to eat, and she refused to listen and stay in her seat at the restaurant. We gave her three chances to change her behavior, and explained that she would not be able to watch her Winnie the Pooh when she got home. Which made her change her behavior a little bit, but it didn’t last.

We finished our dinner and headed home, and as soon as she bounced in the front door she ran over to grab the tv remote. I beat her to it and put it up on a shelf out of her reach, then shuffled her off down the hallway to her room to get ready for bed. At first she thought it was a game and reacted accordingly, laughing and having a great old time as we put her pajamas on and went through our normal bed time rituals, until we went back out to the living room and the tv stayed off.

She fussed a bit repeatedly asking me to turn it on, and I kept telling her no and why she wasn’t getting to watch tv. That lasted about fifteen minutes before she started really becoming upset. We sat her down and asked her if she understood and she did, but she wasn’t happy. Which is the point of discipline in the first place, but it was still hard to hold my ground watching her get upset. She’s growing up, and with age comes responsibility. Even if it’s little things like remaining seated in a restaurant, or picking up her toys.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m demanding too much of her, but she clearly understands. She knows she has  a choice in her actions and behavior, yet being introduced to consequences for her choices has shattered the time space continuum. lol. Over all her behavior is really awesome. She has only had a few tantrums, and each of those we are able to curb from complete meltdown with a conversation and explanation.

I’m actually pretty proud of her for being independent enough to push boundaries and make inquisitions even if it is something as simple as: “Why can’t I have fruit snacks for breakfast?” As much her growing independence wears on my patience, I am definitely grateful for it.