What Haunts You?

A bit long, but a really good read.

An Upturned Soul




Every now and then a loud groan, a heavy sigh or an exclamation of exasperation will escape my lips. Which is fine as long as I am alone, but when this happens in the company of others… it can be quite awkward.

They might take it personally, and once someone takes something personally, nothing I say will sooth their ruffled feathers.

How do I explain to them that this ejaculation had nothing to do with them or the present moment, that is was just one of the ghosts which haunt me saying Boo! and me replying with an Oh-Not-You!

I used to try to cover my tracks and hide my sudden shame with bluff and bluster which invariably created a social faux-pas mess. I have since learned that in this particular instance, honesty is the best policy.

“My mind just coughed up an old memory and it’s one…

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