Narcoleptic Sally

Oy… I have zero energy today. I can’t even keep my eyes open long enough to carry on a conversation let alone write a coherent blog. Lol. I had that flu thing going around a few weeks ago and I’ve never quite recovered. Physically I feel okay aside from my energy level. Even my work outs have suffered. I went from going to the gym almost every day to twice maybe three times a week. I just feel like a lazy lump. It’s weird since I’m usually pretty perky before the holidays.

This year? Nope. I just want to sleep for days. Speaking of holidays our holiday madness begins on Saturday with Kevin’s dad and step mom. Then we get a break for a few days until the 23rd when we go over to his mom’s place, and then it’s off to visit my parents on Christmas Day and back home to wind up for New Years.

If I can stay awake, I’m heading back up to Chicago for New Years again. This time we’re actually staying downtown with a spectacular view of the lake, and heading out to the burbs to meet with friends in Naperville. Pretty excited about it. It wasn’t exactly supposed to become a tradition, but we had such a great time last year we decided to go for it again this year. 🙂

Anywhoo… I better try to roust myself out of bed again. It’s lunch time and Nora is getting tired of playing in her room.