So… I started a new blog which shared the name of my most recent NaNoWriMo novel. Metanoia. Today, I got about a million views, deliberately scheduled to bounce through every hour on the hour. It wasn’t someone actually viewing my posts, but just an annoyance to throw off my stats, and I assume to mask some other dastardly cyberspace shenanigans. I deleted the site immediately. 

I’m not really upset so much as I’m amused. It was up for months with no views aside from my own, until last week. Then it started small, and exploded when I confronted whomever it was attempting to mask their views with a VPN. I would immediately assume it was one of my friendly stalkers if I hadn’t relaunched this blog which has been completely and totally ignored for the duration. lol.

Still… annoying cyber space shenanigans. Maybe it’s the Koreans? lol.