2 by 2

So… My Little has been religiously watching Peg+Cat a PBS math show. It’s entertaining, she likes dancing and singing along with the songs, but I thought it was a little bit over her head. It certainly isn’t going to hurt her learning basic math skills, but I really didn’t think she understood until last night.

She pulled out all of her duck stuffed animals and toys to play Duck, Duck, Goose (obviously, you play the game with ducks) in the middle of the living room. While she was going around patting each duck on the head she was reciting: “2, 4, 6, 8… GOOSE!” I at first thought she was just repeating what she’d heard, because she’s in that two year old repeat everything phase, but when we asked her she actually knew what she was talking about. She knew 8 came after 6, and 2 came before 4. She also knew that instead of just going in order there was a REASON each number was listed in that order. 6 is smaller than 8, but bigger that 4.

I am completely over the moon! My Little likes math, one of my personally weakest subjects!! Speaking of subjects… I’ve finally decided to buckle down and go back to school. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but one thing or another kept coming up. Mostly it was the financial obligation, and my wacky brain holding me back. But now that I’ve gotten my crazy under control, I think I actually have a chance to do something productive. That, and I need to be able to support Nora on my own with my marriage teetering on the edge. The separation was good for us over all, but none of the issues have really gone away. They just kind of got swept under the rug with Little going into the hospital and the holidays. Right now we’re more roommates than spouses, but it’s working and he is trying a whole lot more than he was before the separation.

At this point, I’m just done. I’m done fighting… the door is open if he wants to stay, just as much as it is if he wants to leave. While I’m in school I’ll have my loans to help keep me afloat, and after that I’ll have a job. The house defaults to me in a divorce, so really the only thing I’ll have to figure out is a car. I had to scrap my previous back up plan of moving back to Ohio, which was sort of difficult to accept, but I’m not going to do that to Nora again. Her seizures are stress induced, being away from home and being away from her Daddy made her literally sick. So it appears I’m stuck in Nowheresville for the duration. At least until the market recovers and I/we can sell the house anyway, but even then Indiana appears to be my permanent home.

It’s probably better that way anyway, although I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I’m done making long term plans for the future. lol. They always turn out into a giant ball of disappointing fail. Even school is like OMG ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN IN THE NEXT EIGHT YEARS. WHY AM I DOING THIS?? But I’ve had great results with my health actually paying a gym membership, so I’m hoping having the financial burden hanging over my head will keep me motivated. lol.